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Big Brother Africa: The Revolution

- Season 4 -
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Show Details

Broadcaster: DStv 
Show Genre: Reality Competition
Season Premiere: Sunday, September 06, 2009
Season Finale: Sunday, December 06, 2009
Time: 24 Hours

Show Summary

Big Brother Africa is a South African reality television competition based on the international format Big Brother and produced by Endemol South Africa, in which 12 (14 since Season 4) contestants - each from different African countries - live together under 24-hour camera surveillance for 91 days, and are voted out weekly by viewers until one person is crowned the winner and receives a substantial cash prize.

The 14 participating African countries were: Angola, Botswana, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Nigeria, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

The series premiered in South Africa on M-Net and across Africa on DStv's M-Net Africa channels on 25 May, 2003, with a live 24-hour feed on Channel 37. See "Seasons" below for seasonal broadcast details.

Big Brother Africa 4 (known as Big Brother Africa: The Revolution) premiered on DStv's Channel 198 on Sunday 6 September 2009, at 17h00 Central African Time (CAT).

The 24-hour live feed was on Channel 198, with the daily show, live nominations and eviction shows on M-Net Africa (Channel 102) and repeats on Africa Magic (Channel 107).

On Sunday, 6 December 2009 the show was won by 27-year old Nigerian housemate Kevin Chuwang. Runners-up were: Emma da Rocha (2nd), Edward Moongo (3rd), Mzamo Chibambo (4th) and Nkenna Iwuagwu (5th).

Season 4

Billed as "the biggest Big Brother Africa ever", the fourth season of the continent-wide reality show was known as Big Brother Africa: The Revolution.

The fourth season featured numerous major changes to the show, most notably the prize money, which doubled from previous years to $200,000; and the addition of two extra countries - Ethiopia and Mozambique - taking the tally of participating countries to a record number of 14.

There was also a new host - South African KB Ngakane (who hosted the second and third seasons) was replaced by Nigerian television personality I.K. Osakioduwa.

The number of cameras capturing the action doubled to 40, which together with 100 microphones gave the show twice as much sight and sound capability as in previous seasons.

The cameras included manned, remote and miniature 'lipstick' cameras with over 14,000 metres of cabling.

Another new feature of the season was the first ever open casting calls (previous castings were by registration only) in 18 cities, which formed the widest Big Brother Africa search to date.

In addition, the old rules banning conspiracy in the house were lifted and contestants were free to forge alliances, discuss strategy openly and play the game in an entirely different way.

The show also received an overhaul of the logo - see the link to the article below.

The voting procedure also underwent a transformation. This season audiences were asked to vote for the housemates they wanted to see remain in the series rather than the housemates they wanted to see leave the house.

The winner was chosen by voting audiences at the Live Finale on December 6.


Each week the Housemates undertook various tasks that aimed at stretching them to the limits in order to win a week's worth of budget that would enable them to buy groceries and other essential necessities.

Only Big Brother had the authority to assign the weekly tasks which mostly involved team play and perseverance. If the housemates displayed tremendous endurance, focus and willingness to succeed, Big Brother could wager up to 100% of their budget.


In Big Brother’s house, the rules remain as long as Big Brother said so. He/she could change them at any time to provide twists and turns.

Field Presenters

To spice things up Big Brother deployed 12 field presenters to give feedback about each housemate’s hype and to get a grip on home ground. The presenters interviewed the housemate’s parents, friends and compile reports from eviction parties.

Head of House

Each week housemates competed against one another for the prestigious title of the Head of Household (HoH). The house leader’s benefits included seven days' immunity from eviction plus a luxurious night at the Glass House.

Molotov Cocktail

The season also introduced the Molotov Cocktail - a gift to eliminated housemates. As housemates were voted off they could throw a Molotov Cocktail at any remaining housemate as "punishment". Cocktails included punishments such as "One housemate has to cook all the meals for the week." and "One housemate has to wear a chicken suit for the week."

Elimination Order

Week 1 (13 September 2009)

Teddy Muthusi

Week 2 (20 September 2009)

Edna Alfredo
Maggie Mungalo

Week 3 (27 September 2009)

Phil Okure
Voluntary exit: Jen Mussanhane. Jen asked to leave the show the week before - for "confidential" reasons and made her exit with Phil during the Sunday eviction show.

Week 4 (4 October 2009)

Paloma Manda
Rene Moolman
Erastus Moongo

Week 5 (11 October 2009)

Hannington Kuteesa
Yacob Yehdego

Week 6 (18 October 2009)

Kaone Ramontshonyana
Liz Coka

Week 7 (25 October 2009)

Kristal Culverwell
Quinn Siebe

Week 8 (2 November 2009)

Jeremy Ndirangu

Week 9 (8 November 2009)

Elizabeth Gupta

Week 10 (15 November 2009)

Leonel Estevoa

Week 11 (22 November 2009)

Geraldine Iheme

Week 12 (29 November 2009)

Itai Makumbe

Week 13 (6 December 2009)

The order of elimination, leading up to the announcement of Kevinn Chuwang as the winner:

Nkenna Iwuagwu
Mzamo Chibambo
Edward Moongo
Emma da Rocha

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Season 4 Blogs

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Season 1: Cherise Makubale (Zambia)
Season 2: Richard Bezuidenhout (Tanzania)
Season 3: Ricco Venancio (Angola)
Season 4: Kevin Chuwang (Nigeria)
Season 5: Uti Nwachukwu (Nigeria)
Season 6: Wendall Parson (Zimbabwe) and Karen Igho (Nigeria)
Season 7: Keagan Petersen (South Africa)


Season 1

Premiere: 25 May 2003 | Finale: 7 September 2003 | Days: 106

Season 2

Premiere: 5 August 2007 | Finale: 11 November 2007 | Days: 98

Season 3

Premiere: 24 August 2008 | Finale: 23 November 2008 | Days: 91

Season 4

Premiere: 6 September 2009 | Finale: 6 December 2009 | Days: 91

Season 5

Premiere: 18 July 2010 | Finale: 17 October 2010 | Days: 91

Season 6

Premiere: 1 May 2011 | Finale: 31 July 2011 | Days: 91

Season 7

Premiere: 6 May 2012 | Finale: 5 August 2012 | Days: 91

Season 8

Premiere: 26 May 2013 | Finale: 25 August 2013 | Days: 91

Show Trivia

The Big Brother Africa house is located at Sasani Studios in Highlands North, Johannesburg.

The guest artist at the Season 4 Finale was US rapper Bow Wow.

Cast & Characters

Character Actor
Host - Himself I.K. Osakioduwa
Housemate - Herself Edna Alfredo
Housemate - Himself Edward Moongo
Housemate - Herself Elizabeth Gupta
Housemate - Herself Emma da Rocha
Housemate - Himself Erastus Moongo
Housemate - Herself Geraldine Iheme
Housemate - Himself Hannington Kuteesa
Housemate - Himself Itai Makumbe
Housemate - Herself Jen Mussanhane
Housemate - Himself Jeremy Ndirangu
Housemate - Himself Kaone Ramontshonyana
Housemate - Himself Kevin Chuwang
Housemate - Herself Kristal Culverwell
Housemate - Himself Leonel Estevoa
Housemate - Herself Liz Coka
Housemate - Herself Maggie Mungalu
Housemate - Herself Mzamo Chibambo
Housemate - Herself Nkenna Iwuagwu
Housemate - Herself Paloma Manda
Housemate - Himself Phil Okure
Housemate - Himself Quinn Siebe
Housemate - Herself Rene Moolman
Housemate - Himself Teddy Muthusi
Housemate - Himself Wayoe
Housemate - Himself Yacob Yehdego

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