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Strictly Come Dancing

- Season 5 -
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Broadcaster: SABC2 
Show Genre: Reality Competition
Season Premiere: Thursday, October 02, 2008
Season Finale: Thursday, December 04, 2008
Time: 19h30 - 22h00

Show Summary

Strictly Come Dancing is a South African reality dance competition television series produced for SABC2 by Rapid Blue and based on the British show of the same name in which celebrities are partnered with professional Latin and Ballroom dancers and must work each week on perfecting a dance routine, with public voting deciding a weekly elimination.

The series was broadcast live from the Carlton Centre Ballroom, Johannesburg for the first five seasons. In Season 6 the venue changed to the Renaissance Centre.

The series premiered in South Africa on SABC2 on Saturday 4 February 2006, at 20h00. After five seasons it was discontinued but in 2013 it was revived on SABC3. See "Seasons" below for seasonal broadcast dates and times.

Season 5 premiered on SABC2 on Thursday 2 October 2008, at 19h30. There are 10 episodes in the fifth season.

It was preceded by a one-hour special, Strictly Come Dancing: The Story So Far, on Thursday 25 September, which took a retroactive look at past seasons and previewed the fifth season.

Season 5 was won by comedian Rob van Vuuren and his dance partner Mary Martin.

Season 5

A major change to the show this season came in the form of 10 couples who competed over 10 weeks - in past seasons eight couples competed over eight weeks.

The 10 celebrity couples lining up for the 5th season of SABC2's Strictly Come Dancing were announced on Wednesday 17 September, 2008.

The celeb talent included an infamous comedian/actor, two well-known radio DJs, a racing car driver, an Afro-jazz pop-diva, an ex-Miss South Africa, a popular soapie star, a showjumping champion/model, a member/creator of a popular hip hop group and an ex-Gladiator.

They were:

Adil More
The voice of Metro FM's Top 40 Chart Show

Anele Mdoda
Co-presenter of the Grant & Anele show on 5FM

Cindy Nell
Ex-Miss South Africa, well-known model, entertainment personality and presenter of SABC2's Pasella

Garth Collins
Best known as Granite from the popular Gladiators TV series, TV/theatre/film actor, comedian and MC

Hlubi Mboya
One of local TV's rising young stars

Gugu Zulu
Affectionately known as “the fastest brother in Africa”, local motor racing champion and TV presenter

Judith Sephuma
Multiple SAMA-Award winning and respected local Afro-jazz pop artist

Lebo “Shugasmakx” Mothibe
Co-founder of iconic local hip hop brand Skwatta Kamp, and director of Buttabing Entertainment and Ventilation Production

Tessa van Duuren
Professional A-grade show jumper, model and TV presenter

Rob van Vuuren
Acclaimed dramatic actor and comedian, presenter of SABC2's Crazy Games and infamous for his role as Twakkie in The Most Amazing Show

There were also seven new professional dancers who had never appeared on the show before, while three old stalwarts - Brandon Eilers Le Riche, Hayley Bennett and Mary Martin - returned for the fifth season.

The 5th season of Strictly Come Dancing aired on SABC2 every Thursday (from 2 October to 4 December) from 19h30 to 20h30, with an hour-long break to allow viewer voting. It resumed each week with the Results Show at 21h30.

The first part (19h30-20h30) was where the contestants showed off their various dancing talents to gain votes from public and judges; the second part (21h30-22h00) was when the results were revealed and a couple was eliminated.

Preceding the season premiere was the Strictly Come Dancing Special, which aired on Thursday 25 September at 19h30. The special chronicled the history of the show.

The winning celebrity/professional dancer couple - Rob van Vuuren and Mary Martin - were crowned on the show's season finale on 4 December.

The same judges returned to filter the wannabes from the real stars of the dancefloor. They were:

Lilian Phororo – she has over thirty years experience in dance and has become an internationally recognized adjudicator.

Dave Campbell – he began his career as a teenager and went on to become the four-time undefeated Latin and Ballroom professional champion.

Salome Sechele - Latin American champion, who has mastered a variety of dance styles. She represented South Africa with long-time partner Tyrone Watkins in Hong Kong, Miami, Switzerland, Netherlands, Russia, UK, Germany and France.

Tyrone Watkins - three-time Latin and Ballroom champion and choreographer. He has also attained qualifications as an international adjudicator.

The 5th season ran for 10 weeks; it was shot live from The Carlton Hotel Ballroom in Johannesburg with hosts Ian von Memerty and Sandy Ngema. Strictly Come Dancing is produced by Kee-Leen Irvine of Rapid Blue.

Order of Elimination

Episode 01: No elimination
Episode 02: No elimination
Episode 03: Shugasmakx and Seipati Nthoesane
Episode 04: Judith Sephuma and Eksteen Traut
Episode 05: Adil More and Robynn Soules
Episode 06: Hlubi Mboya and Khutso Khunou
Episode 07: Gugu Zulu and Sarah Cooper
Episode 08: No elimination
Episode 09: Garth Collins and Hayley Bennett; Anele Mdoda and Brandon Eilers Le Riche
Episode 10: Cindy Nell and Jonathan Broadway; Tessa van Duuren and Grant Esterhuizen

Celeb Blogs

TVSA was the official online media partner to Strictly Come Dancing 5 and hosted the official celebrity blogs for the season.

Each week the celebrity contestants blogged about their experiences on the show, from their last performance to their weekly rehearsals to their thoughts about the upcoming episodes.

Weekly blog entries were posted on TVSA every Tuesday.

Access their blogs here:


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South African celebrities are partnered with professional Latin and Ballroom dancers and must work each week on perfecting a dance routine.

Each week during a live show viewers are asked to vote for their favourite couple, and one couple (with the least votes) is eliminated.

In the season finale, two couples dance off to win the title and a cash prize of R40,000 (R20,000 per partner). The cash prize was first introduced for the third season.

Through sms voting, viewers vote who should stay and who should go, the results of the poll being combined with the ranking of the panel of judges.

For example: with 4 contestants left, the judges' favourite would receive 4 points, 2nd favourite 3 points, and so on, and similarly with the viewers' rankings. The two scores added together make the final score.

The show is broadcast live on SABC2 on Thursday evenings and is hosted by Ian von Memerty and Sandy Ngema.

The judging panel consists of Lilia Phororo, Dave Campbell, Salome Sechele and Tyrone Watkins. Each judge gives the performance a mark out of ten, giving an overall total out of 40.


A new system called the Dance-Off was introduced in the fourth season. The Dance-Off is performed by the two couples with the lowest scores following the judges' scores and public vote.

After performing their dance again, the judges are asked one-by-one who they would like to save, and the couple with the most votes remains in the competition. If there is a tie, head judge Lilian Phororo has the deciding vote.

Broadcast Times

Each Thursday there are two broadcasts: the first is from 19h30-20h30, during which the celebrities do their weekly dance routines and are given marks out of 40 from the judges.

Thereafter follows an hour-long break to give viewers a chance to vote for their favourite couple, after which the second broadcast - the Results Show - is aired, from 21h30-22h00.

During the Results Show the results of the viewer voting are announced. The viewer votes are combined with the judges' votes and the two couples with the least amount of votes are forced into the Dance-Off.

Shortly before 22h00 the judges decide who they want to eliminate.


Season 1: Zuraida Jardine and Michael Wentink
Season 2: Riaan Venter and Hayley Hammond
Season 3: HHP and Hayley Bennett
Season 4: Emmanuel Castis and Lindsey Muckle
Season 5: Rob van Vuuren and Mary Martin
Season 6: Zakeeya Patel and Ryan Hammond


Season 1 (8 episodes)

Channel: SABC2 | Premiere: 4 Feb 2006 | Finale: 25 Mar 2006 | Saturdays, 20h00

Season 2 (8 episodes)

Channel: SABC2 | Premiere: 5 Aug 2006 | Finale: 23 Sep 2006 | Saturdays, 20h00

Season 3 (8 episodes)

Channel: SABC2 | Premiere: 24 May 2007 | Finale: 12 Jul 2007 | Thursdays, 19h30

Season 4 (8 episodes)

Channel: SABC2 | Premiere: 31 Jan 2008 | Finale: 20 Mar 2008 | Thursdays, 19h30

Strictly Come Dancing: The Story So Far (1-hour special)

Channel: SABC2 | Aired: 25 September 2008 | Thursday, 19h30

Season 5 (10 episodes)

Channel: SABC2 | Premiere: 2 Oct 2008 | Finale: 4 Dec 2008 | Thursdays, 19h30

Season 6 (10 episodes)

Channel: SABC3 | Premiere: 10 Jul 2013 | Finale: 11 Sep 2013 | Wednesdays, 20h00

Cast & Characters

Character Actor
Host - Himself Ian von Memerty
Host - Herself Sandy Ehrenreich
Judge - Himself Dave Campbell
Judge - Herself Lilian Phororo
Judge - Herself Salome Sechele
Judge - Himself Tyrone Watkins
Celebrity Dancer - Himself Adil More
Celebrity Dancer - Herself Anele Mdoda
Celebrity Dancer - Herself Cindy Nell
Celebrity Dancer - Himself Garth Collins
Celebrity Dancer - Himself Gugu Zulu
Celebrity Dancer - Herself Hlubi Mboya
Celebrity Dancer - Herself Judith Sephuma
Celebrity Dancer - Himself Shugasmakx
Celebrity Dancer - Himself Rob van Vuuren
Celebrity Dancer - Herself Tessa van Duuren
Professional Dancer - Himself Brandon Eilers Le Riche
Professional Dancer - Himself Eksteen Traut
Professional Dancer - Himself Grant Esterhuizen
Professional Dancer - Herself Hayley Bennett
Professional Dancer - Himself Jonathan Broadway
Professional Dancer - Himself Khutso Khunou
Professional Dancer - Herself Mary Martin
Professional Dancer - Herself Robynn Soules
Professional Dancer - Herself Sarah Cooper
Professional Dancer - Herself Seipati Nthoesane
Choreographer - Herself Tebogo Kgobokoe
Announcer - Himself Malcolm Gooding

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