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  Passions Teasers - March 2008
On Passions in March:

Monday, 3 March
Episode 901

Whitney, Chad, and Simone almost walk in on TC and Liz in a compromising position. However, the threesome goes back out in the storm to get Chad's equipment, which he left at the crash site.

Simone gets caught in an avalanche. Meanwhile, TC worries about fending off a sleepwalking Liz, who is trying to seduce him.

Sheridan fears what will happen to her and Luis if Antonio doesn't make it.
Luis reassures Sheridan of his love.

Beth offers her support to Pilar as she takes advantage of the situation.

Eve fights to save Antonio's life. Later, Eve has bad news for the Lopez-Fitzgeralds.

Theresa stands her ground. Ivy can't find anywhere to stay.

Ethan is blown away by Theresa's behaviour while Gwen is surprised by Sam's attitude.

Kay insists on leaving home. Grace tries to reach out to her daughter. Kay listens to what Grace has to say.

Tuesday, 4 March
Episode 902

Grace tries to stop a belligerent Kay from leaving. Kay becomes violent towards her mother and later leaves unnoticed. Grace and the others search franticly for Kay.

Sam offers Ivy a place to stay. Theresa tries to stop Sam from taking Ivy in, but he won't be deterred.

Ethan looks at Theresa with new eyes. Julian explains to a steamed Rebecca why he can't divorce Theresa.

Antonio has a message for his loved ones, which he left on a videotape. On the tape, Antonio explains that Eve told him about an experimental drug that could cure him, but could also leave him incapacitated.

 Antonio asks Sheridan not to give him the drug. Pilar is horrified. Eve warns them she only has a small window of time to administer the drug and Sheridan must make a decision soon.

Wednesday, 5 March
Episode 903

Fox and Theresa celebrate her victory. Fox points out that she may have gone too far.

Gwen tries to open Ethan's eyes as to who Theresa really is. Ethan sees his ex in a new light.

Grace is enraged with Sam for bringing Ivy home. Ivy is thrilled at the outcome of her situation.

Sam is alarmed at what has transpired while he was gone. He refuses David's help in looking for a missing Kay.

Grace blames Sam for the situation and lashes out at him angrily.

Charity has an upsetting premonition about her cousin.

Meanwhile, Kay is seriously injured and bleeding out in the snow.

Pilar begs Sheridan to give Antonio the experimental drug, despite his request to the contrary. Pilar's emotions become violent. Luis tries to reason with his mother. Beth continues to make Sheridan feel guilty. To add to her pressure, Eve reminds Sheridan she has very little time to make a decision.

Thursday, 6 March
Episode 904

Gwen wants answers from Ethan regarding his feelings for Theresa. Theresa wonders if she may have accidentally done Ivy a favour, by sending her off with Sam.

Theresa fills Fox in on Grace and Sam's situation. The two of them bond further as they learn more about one another. Fox points out an unpleasant truth about Ethan to Theresa.

The Bennetts are devastated when word of a dead teen matching Kay's description comes in. Grace blames Sam for Kay's apparent death.

Ivy sees her chance to win Sam's favour. To everyone's relief, word comes in that the body is not Kay’s. The Bennetts begin to search for Kay on their own.

Meanwhile, Kay regains consciousness having fallen and hit her head. Still bleeding, she heads off in search of shelter.

Beth gloats to her mother that she'll get Luis after all. Mrs. Wallace doesn't buy it.

Pilar pushes Sheridan to give Antonio the medicine. A guilt-ridden Sheridan is put in a horrible position as she tries to figure out what to do.

Friday, 7 March
Episode 905

Fox tries to help Theresa see what she's done. Theresa tells Fox all about love.

Ethan checks in on Ivy.

Jessica worries about her parents' marriage.

Ivy and Grace square off.

Sam, David, and John continue searching for Kay. Sam comes very close to finding an injured Kay, who is lying unconscious in the snow.

Tabitha begs for her powers back. Her “friends" in the basement inform her that help is coming. Tabitha continues to experience strange pregnancy symptoms.

Pilar continues to push Sheridan to give Antonio the drug. Sheridan struggles with what to do. Pilar puts Luis on the spot with her question.

Monday, 10 March
Episode 906

Theresa assures Fox she'll win Ethan back despite throwing his mother out into a snowstorm. Fox sees how similar he and Theresa are. Meanwhile, Ethan's career plans thrill Gwen.

Ivy hopes to make her way into Sam's bed during her stay at his house.

While searching for Kay, Sam is horrified to discover blood in the snow. Sam, David, and John return home and inform Grace of the ominous discovery. Sam and Grace's renewed closeness upsets Ivy.

Tabitha suffers from more strange pregnancy symptoms. Kay passes by Tabitha's window and is stunned to see her neighbour floating in mid-air with butterflies flying out of her ears. Despite being woozy from her head wound, Kay confronts Tabitha and accuses her of being a witch.

Beth tries to get in Pilar’s good books, while they anxiously wait for Sheridan's decision. Pilar can't understand why Sheridan wouldn't immediately give Antonio the drug.

Meanwhile, Sheridan prays for guidance in making her decision. She worries the experimental drug will leave Antonio in a vegetative state, but is also concerned he will die if she doesn't agree to let Eve administer it. Luis tries to help Sheridan and comes up with an interesting proposal.

Tuesday, 11 March
Episode 907

Grace frets over Kay's whereabouts and blames herself for her daughter leaving. Ivy realises Kay's death could benefit her; David is sickened by her selfishness.

Charity's premonitions lead her to Kay. Kay lets Tabitha know she's going to tell everyone about her. Tabitha prepares to kill the troublemaking teen.

Rebecca and Julian encounter a frustrating problem when they try for an intimate evening. Julian blames Theresa for his problems. Rebecca promises the info she's getting on Theresa will destroy her. Julian realises his young wife may be able to take everything from him.

Sheridan makes her decision.

Pilar pushes her new daughter-in-law to save her son. Sheridan states she wants to do what is best for Antonio. A desperate Pilar gives Sheridan a harsh ultimatum.

Wednesday, 12 March
Episode 908

Ivy and David discuss all they could lose if the truth ever came out.

Meanwhile, Kay shocks her family when she reveals Ivy hired David to break up Sam and Grace. John lashes out at Kay and runs to get his father so he can defend himself. Grace refuses to believe Kay. David and Ivy panic when John tells them what Kay said.

Theresa tells Fox that Ethan's concern for her proves he still loves her.

At the hospital, Sheridan proceeds with her decision. Pilar is grateful. Sheridan worries if she has made the right choice. Gwen comforts her friend. Pilar watches hopefully as Antonio is administered the drug.

Beth manhandles her mother after Mrs. Wallace threatens to clue Luis in on her daughter's schemes.

Sheridan leaves to be alone and Luis follows her to provide comfort.

Thursday, 13 March
Episode 909

Kay continues to tell everyone about David and Ivy. Ivy denies it. Grace refuses to believe the truth. Eve offers to help Grace.

At the hospital, Mrs. Wallace has another heart attack, while Beth stands by coldly watching her die. Luis and Sheridan spend some time in each other's arms as they wait for word on Antonio.

Pilar, Miguel, and Theresa pray for a miracle.

Theresa explains to Fox how Ivy's downfall will help her get Ethan back. Gwen stays near Ethan to keep Theresa away.

Miguel reaches out to Charity, but is pushed away. Miguel can't understand why his family is cursed in matters of the heart. Jessica vows to help keep Charity and Miguel together.

Friday, 14 March
Episode 910

The doctors and nurses struggle to save Mrs. Wallace's life as Luis comforts an upset Beth.

Sheridan makes an emotional promise to a still-unresponsive Antonio. Pilar thanks Sheridan for her actions.

Liz begins to make her move and fantasizes about the outcome.

Eve and David prepare to have their lives destroyed along with Ivy's as Grace begins to believe Kay.

Sam lashes out at Ivy who struggles to defend herself.

Grace wavers as she realises John would not be her son if what Kay says is true. Kay and Sam are hurt and shocked by what they read into this.

Monday, 17 March
Episode 911

Beth worries about her mother's second heart attack. Luis vows to help Beth and be there for her. Beth is elated when she believes Luis has given her a commitment.

Sheridan worries if she'll be able to stay faithful to a comatose Antonio. Pilar has faith in her and is certain she will.

Tabitha pleads her case to get her powers back. The dark side refuses to grant her request but tells Tabby help is coming.

In order to discredit Kay's accusations, Ivy drags Eve into the picture. Ivy points out Grace's best friend conducted the DNA test that proved John was Grace's son which, means David could not be a phony.

A guilt-ridden Eve grows nervous but everyone agrees with Ivy's logic. Kay's frustration grows. A suspicious Sam finally speaks up and says he still feels Ivy and David may have been working together.

Ivy taunts Eve about her sister.

Meanwhile, Liz tries to seduce a sleepy TC by convincing him she's Eve.

Tuesday, 18 March
Episode 912

Kay tries to tell everyone about Tabitha being a witch. No one believes her and becomes certain that Kay is wrong about not only Tabitha, but Ivy and David as well. Kay is exasperated when everyone concludes her head injury is making her delusional.

Sam apologizes to David and asks a reluctant Grace to apologize to Ivy. Julian and Rebecca celebrate over the news that they will get the damaging information about Theresa as soon as they pay the mysterious informant.

Ethan, Fox, Theresa, and Gwen walk in on Rebecca and Julian having one of their kinky intimate moments. The scheming duo covers when everyone wants to know why they have a million dollars lying around.

Ethan announces he wants to move out of the mansion right away. In private, Rebecca lets Gwen know she and Ethan should stay.

Simone's anger intensifies as she spies on an intimate-looking Chad and Whitney.

Eve plans to tell TC the truth about her past, but is stunned to find her husband and Liz in bed together. TC tries to explain what happened to a furious Eve.

Wednesday, 19 March
Episode 913

Grace and Sam beg a furious Kay to come home. Kay refuses and makes it clear she won't unless Grace leaves. Kay wants to stay with Tabitha and blackmails her neighbour into letting her stay.

Rebecca convinces Gwen not to move out. Gwen tries to explain to Ethan why she suddenly doesn't want to move. After overhearing Rebecca, Fox tells Theresa about the informant. Theresa is certain nothing will come of it and is thrilled Ethan won't be leaving.

A knife-wielding Simone interrupts Chad and Whitney's romantic moment. Whitney makes up a quick excuse

Eve doesn't believe Liz's sleepwalking story, but TC assures Liz he doesn't blame her. Once they are alone, Liz threatens Eve.

Eve tells Liz she's going to come clean with TC.

Thursday, 20 March
Episode 914

Kay gets settled into Tabitha's place. Tabitha realises she can't do away with her obnoxious houseguest without raising suspicions. Kay tries to find ways to prove Tabby is a witch.

Grace tries to deal with Ivy living under her roof.

Sam tries to get through to Grace about their relationship and wonders if she'd rather be with David. Grace is sure Ivy is after Sam, but she doesn't believe David is involved.

Despite the uncomfortable accommodations, Ivy plans to stay at the Bennetts' forever.

Beth is thrilled when she believes her mother is dead. When she hears news to the contrary, Beth lashes out at her mother for living. Luis catches Beth trying to smother her mom, but she covers.

Sheridan and Luis pray for a miracle. Pilar apologizes to Sheridan for her harsh words.

Friday, 21 March
Episode 915

Grace discloses her suspicions about Ivy with David and reveals her trust in him. Grace and John share a sweet Mother-Son moment.

Ivy tries to make nice with Sam. Sam lets Ivy know that nothing could come between himself and Grace.

Tabitha discovers that Kay is to be her new partner in crime. Kay plans to use the evil in the basement to win back her family's trust - and Miguel.

Antonio takes a turn for the worse. Pilar stands by his side as Luis comforts a distraught Sheridan.

Luis and Sheridan consider leaving Harmony, and Beth vows not to let them go.

Monday, 24 March
Episode 916

Liz subtly tries to cause more problems between Eve and TC. Eve decides to clear her work schedule to make more time for TC and the girls.

Antonio's eyes open. However, everyone is alarmed when he doesn't respond and they realise he is still in a coma. Beth prays Antonio stays a vegetable for the rest of his life so she can have Luis.

Having recovered from her head injury, Kay once again tries to tell everyone the truth about Tabitha, David and Ivy. Sam begins to wonder if Tabitha really is a witch.

Ivy and David fear their lives are about to be destroyed.

Tabitha interrupts Kay and privately admits to her that she is indeed a witch. Tabby then shows Kay the sad future that awaits her if she tells the truth.

Tuesday, 25 March
Episode 917

Ethan's icy behaviour makes Theresa worry he'll never forgive her for throwing his mother out into the snow. During an important business meeting, Ethan grows frustrated when he has to cover for a sleepy Theresa.

Hoping to get rid of Ivy as soon as possible, Grace looks around for a place for her to live. Sam feels Grace is being harsh and worries about asking Ivy to leave.

Meanwhile, Ivy returns to the Crane mansion so she can move all of her things to the Bennetts'. She tells Rebecca she'll willingly give up her life of luxury in order to be with Sam.

Sheridan and Luis face the fact that they may never be together, since she will have to stay by Antonio's side. Pilar won't lose hope but feels the pain of Antonio's loss.

Wednesday, 26 March
Episode 918

Sam and Grace argue over where Ivy should live. Grace tries to convince Sam that Ivy is after him, but he disagrees. Ivy is insulted when Gwen states that she and Theresa are exactly alike.

Meanwhile, Theresa and Fox tell a disturbed Ethan the cold truth about his mother. Fox informs Ethan they were raised very differently since Ivy didn't care about any of her children with Julian.

Pilar worries she's made the wrong decision and frets over the fact that all of her children are miserable. Sheridan gives Luis his freedom. Luis refuses the offer and vows to stay true to her. Beth is heartbroken by Luis' words.

Thursday, 27 March
Episode 919

Grace tries to get Ivy to move out of the house, but Ivy fights desperately to stay.

Sam and Ivy have a heart-to-heart. Grace sticks to her guns.

Ethan comforts Theresa, who is devastated over Antonio not responding to the drug. Fox admires their love. Pilar encourages a still-unconscious Antonio to hold on.

Sheridan tries to set Luis free and gives him back his engagement ring. Luis fights to keep them together. Later, Beth urges Sheridan to set him free once and for all.

Luis sits by his brother's bedside and finally confesses the truth about everything. Luis begs Antonio to either get better or die, but not to leave Sheridan in limbo.

Friday, 28 March
Episode 920

Ethan and Gwen bond over sonogram pictures of their baby.

Theresa comes up with a plan to show Ethan, Ivy's true colours.

Grace and Sam try to get Ivy to move into a nursing home. Ivy lays a guilt trip on them and admits she has no money.

TC lashes out at Eve again for putting her job first. Liz comforts an upset TC. Liz opens her heart to an unconscious Antonio.

Sheridan pushes Luis away and orders him to move on. To Beth's delight, Sheridan adamantly insists Luis stay away from her and advises him to marry Beth.

Ethan and Gwen interrupt the couple, and Gwen pulls her friend aside to comfort her.

Luis is blown away when Ethan suggests he abide by Sheridan's wishes and tries to find happiness elsewhere.

Monday, 31 March
Episode 921

David encourages Eve to tell the truth about her past. Thinking his wife is busy at work, TC is stunned when he catches Eve and David looking cozy at the Book Café. TC angrily confronts Eve, much to Liz's delight. David tells Liz he knows she's Eve's sister and is trying to cause trouble.

 As part of her plan to expose Ivy's true colours, Theresa apologizes to Ivy and invites her to come home. Secretly not wanting to leave Sam's house, Ivy refuses to return to the mansion. Ethan is stunned and Theresa is confident her plan is working. Fox admires Theresa's tactics.

Sheridan promises a still-comatose Antonio that she'll always be at his side. Meanwhile, Luis informs Beth that Antonio's condition has not changed and so Sheridan is forcing him to move on.

Afraid Beth is about to get what she wants, Mrs. Wallace prepares to reveal her daughter's schemes to Luis.


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Reply from: bonbab Friday, February 29, 2008 05:52 AM

what happens to miguel an charity?

Reply from: kokibee Wednesday, March 05, 2008 06:10 AM
charity leaves the show and miguel and kay hook up
Reply from: peace t Thursday, March 06, 2008 07:53 AM

When is this passion going to end    I dont like it  there is no direction  its just that you can not choose for children  the soapie to watch 

From  Pearce 
Reply from: olwejun Tuesday, March 11, 2008 03:30 AM
Im worried about Sheridan if really that's what it takes to be with the man of your dreams I feel its too much for this poor woman

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