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7de Laan

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Broadcaster: SABC2 DStv 
Show Genre: Soap Opera
Series Premiere: Monday, April 03, 2000

Show Summary

7de Laan is a South African Afrikaans-language television soap opera created by Danie Odendaal and produced by Danie Odendaal Produksies which is set in and around the fictional 7de Laan (Seventh Avenue) in the suburb of Hillside, Johannesburg where all the characters live or work.

The street and shopfronts which are featured on the opening visuals are that of Seventh Street in Melville, Johannesburg.

The series premiered on SABC2 on Monday 3 April, 2000. It is primarily in Afrikaans with English subtitles and occasional English and Zulu dialogue.


7de Laan tells the story of a bustling community living in Hillside, their interactions with each other, the gossip stories which spread like wildfire, the love and laughter of family and friends and rivalry between Hilda and Matrone.

In 7de Laan there is the Oppiekoffie Coffee Shop managed by Charmaine Beukes. It's a favourite hang-out spot for coffee and scones and a bit of gossip on the side.

There is also the Deli run by the very sensitive Hilda, who loves nothing better than experimenting with different food combinations, unaware that nobody enjoys it.

Hilda's arch enemy is Netta Nortje, the Matron of the Old-aged Home who is always on the lookout for a quick buck, usually with disastrous results.

In the boutique is Inge who manages the shop with the help of Felicity, who designs some of the clothing for the boutique whilst running her business, Felicity Fashions.

There are also the offices of the Hillside Times owned by Neville Meintjies, with two hot young journalists Mandla and Paula, who are both hell-bent on scooping each other for the front page.

Also in Hillside is the Boekwinkel, a bookshop owned by famous Afrikaans writer Ryno Lategan and managed by his wife Emma, who enjoys writing short stories based on Oom Oubaas' hilarious tales of years gone by.

The Theron and Terreblanche Sportshop in 7de Laan is owned by high society lady, Madel Terreblanche and the shop is run by her son Jan-Hendrik and her nephew Carlos Perestrelo.

Lastly is the Events Management Company, Kyriakis De Lange, owned by George Kyriakis who handles most major events in the Laan with the assistance of Altus and Dezi.

Things are not always as they seem in the Laan - as everyone goes about their daily business, they're unaware of the danger lurking nearby or a shady character prowling around just waiting to pounce on the unsuspecting residents of Hillside.

Main Cast

(For full cast and characters, click Seasons tab at top of page)
Mimi Mahlasela
Heino Schmitt
Vinette Ebrahim
Bertha le Roux
Melanie du Bois
Annelisa Weiland
Themsie Times
Annelize van der Ryst-Hattingh
Pierre van Pletzen
Ingrid Paulus
Jacques Blignaut
Theodore Jantjies

Show Trivia

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Trivia titbits:

  • Each month the show uses:

    • 6 bottles of a hairspray

    • 5 litres of shampoo and conditioner

    • 20 boxes of paper

  • All the red and white wine drunk in scenes is grapejuice, coke or water.

  • At least 30 outfits get washed and ironed every day.

  • Each actor learns approximately 2500 words each week.

  • Food ordered and eaten by characters at Oppiekoffie comes to R500 a day.

  • On-set catering makes meals for plus/minus 100 people a day.

  • The show does 40 auditions for new cast possibilities each week.

  • The show’s cast generally consists of 17 permanent actors and 10 regular guest actors.

  • The show distributes 50 scripts amongst the cast every day.

  • Actress Vinette Ebrahim's brother is Vincent Ebrahim, who plays Ashwin Kumar in The Kumars At No. 42.

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