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Broadcaster: SABC3 M-Net 
Show Genre: Drama
Series Premiere: Thursday, July 15, 2004
Series Finale: Thursday, March 22, 2007

Show Summary

Snitch is a South African television drama series created by Geoff Newton and produced by Endemol for M-Net Original Productions which follows the intrigues of a crack team of undercover operatives as they attempt to stop massive international crime plots.

The series - which was the first local English production made by M-Net Original Productions - originally premiered on M-Net on Thursday 15 July 2004, at 19h30.

The second season ended on 22 March, 2007.

The series later aired on SABC3. There are 44 hour-long episodes in two seasons.

Season 1 Synopsis

In Season 1 the SAPS send their undercover unit into the ruthless Carter family and worked tirelessly to bring them down.

Caz O’Donough is the young police star and the unit’s “in” into the Carter family. Her special assignment is to reconcile with her ex-boyfriend (and the father of her 4-year-old daughter Lea), Laurence Carter.

But she starts to fall in love with Laurence, which complicates matters somewhat.

Meanwhile, Sonny Carter - the head of the family - and his son Eric find out that Caz is a cop. Feeling utterly betrayed by Caz, Laurence, who previously rejected his father’s requests to join the family business, becomes more involved with his father’s shady dealings.

With the knowledge that Caz is a ‘snitch’, the Carters foil every bust that the unit organises. Members of the unit were being murdered, and Caz, who is their one hope, has her cover blown.

The season ends with a court case, a confession and a gunshot.

Season 2 Synopsis

The cop drama Snitch is back for second season of dangerous deep undercover operations.

Season 2 begins with a murder - a car bomb that claims the life of an unsuspecting target.

Francine Cullinan, a beautiful and wealthy crime writer who's written a best-selling book on the downfall of the Carter cartel, runs her own private investigation agency and teams up with Leon Cutts to track down the killer.

But this is only the beginning - enter Hilton Aimes, ex-SAS war hero, turned pharmaceuticals magnate. Cutts’ investigation turns up some interesting facts - does Hilton’s business extend to something more sinister than pharmaceuticals?

Influenced by the nefarious Eric Carter and mysterious CIA operator Bob Mailer a riveting story unfolds, opening the way for another 9/11.

The squad has to bust an attempt to steal and sell to the Middle East the seventh atomic bomb built in the eighties under the apartheid regime.

Season 2 Characters

Leon Cutts
Leon Cutts is a man on fire - his mission is to find the killer of his loved ones and bring him down, by whatever means. He is cynical and tough, but underneath the hurt he has a heart of gold.

Francine Cullinan
Francine is a beautiful, enigmatic and very wealthy crime writer who has one foot on a Persian carpet and the other in a dirty alley. Besieged by a past she's shut down and in love with a man she can't have ... Leon.

"Eyes" is a fast talking, witty computer geek. He's multi talented and he knows it. He's also a wannabe actor who thinks he is God's gift to women.

Roxy is a gorgeous, brilliant forensics expert. Beneath her analytical exterior is a woman looking for love.

Hilton Aimes
Hilton is a ruthless ex-SAS veteran turned international arms dealer who's on the track of a bomb that will make 9/11 look like a braai. Immoral and driven, he's a man not to be crossed.

Eric Carter
Eric is everybody's favorite psychopath from Snitch 1. In Season 2 he's out of prison and will use everyone and everything to serve his own agenda.

Talen Aimes
Talen is the stunningly beautiful trophy wife of Hilton's. She's darkly intriguing, intelligent and driven by her own mysterious agenda.

Sonny Carter
Sonny Carter is the head of the notorious Carter cartel. He's dangerous and always shady.

Main Cast

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Justin Strydom
Shannon Esra
Antony Coleman
Dini Nondumo
Genevieve Howard
Tanya van Graan
Norman Anstey
Mary-anne Barlow
Ian Roberts

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