View Full Version : Action X Supernatural - 2/18 "Hollywood Babylon"

29th May 2007, 10:38
Quite a funny episode to counter the tear-jerker of last week.

I liked the "inside look" we got into Hollywood sets. And the shout-outs to current shows.

Dean was an absolute hoot throughout, from his "food" comments, to the end with the actress. Whilst Sam was as tightly wound as we've come to expect from him.

Sure, most of the episode was as implausible as this show can come, from the fact that they were actually able to get the jobs, to the "conjurings", it was still a lot of fun and a very enjoyable episode.

I'm sad to see this season drawing to a close...

30th May 2007, 13:51
This was another great episode, but i couldnt help cringe when that guy got killed by the fan, :vomit2:

30th May 2007, 16:54
I loved Sam's face at the Gilmore Girl cast reference. There were times when the camera strayed on something for a while longer than it should have, so I'm guessing that they were Supernatural in-jokes/references that I didn't get. I know that "can't you make it lighter" line from Sheriff Buck actually did happen.

31st May 2007, 14:22
Hey Roonblah, Welcome to TVSA :wave:

Are we on episode 18 already? Wow time flies.

Agree that it was a great episode, but I am getting a bit worried that we haven't seen or heard from ole yellow eyes in a while.

It must be getting closer to the finale and I hope that they don't do a rushed job and squeeze everything into one episode.