View Full Version : So you think you can Dance 2/13 Elimination "Top 14"

3rd January 2007, 09:59
I was shocked that Ryan and Heidi were in the bottom 3, definitley thought Dmitri and Ashlee would find themselves there.

The bottom 3 were: Ryan & Heidi, Jaymz & Jessica and Allison & Ivan.

I wasn't too surprised that Jessica left, Allison's solo was absolutely amazing, I can't describe the way she moves when she is dancing on her own, she is just breathtaking. Also liked Heidi (but I'm biased :) ).

I really thought it would be the time for Ivan to go, but it wasn't to be and Jaymz was sent home after he did a Paso (I think that's what they called it), which the judges were shocked by since he is a contemporary/jazz dancer (also not sure what goverened his decision to do that :confused: ). I enjoyed Ryan's solo also.

How much longer will Ivan be around :shrug: I keep imagining Allison is waiting for her chance to dance with one of the "better" guys or one that is more suited to her at least.

Can't wait for this weeks episode! :clap:

3rd January 2007, 11:18
I was also shocked at Jaymz' booting on the basis of the dance he chose. He performed the 'Paso' brilliantly and proved he is as much of a crossover talent as my favourite Benji, although, I have to say that Dimitri is not far behind him and very hot. Heidi is just an awesome dancer. I really thought they were going to boot Ryan? (black,short dude). I think the dancers are all coming up trumps now and it is getting more and more difficult for the judges to make a decision based on performance, so I think things like 'token' blacks are coming into play, as there is a preponderance of white males. Can't wait for next week. It is irritating the sh** out of me that the results show is a week apart from the performance show.

3rd January 2007, 11:46
I keep imagining how tough it is going to be to boot someone off when the really great dancers have to start dancing for their lives against one another e.g. Allison, Donyelle, Heidi etc

Will the show still follow the same format I wonder when they start competing individually :hmm:

5th January 2007, 10:23

So, Jaymz was eliminated. I liked Jaymz.

Wasn't too fond of Jessica tho.

5th January 2007, 10:33
Wow! What a performance by Allison and Ivan-i really did not expect that sizzling passion to happen between these two-it was amazing! I reckon they as well as Donyelle & Benji and Martha & Travis (who did the foxtrot) will be in the top 3 next week-but you never know-America is a bit wierd sometimes with their voting.:hmm: