View Full Version : Deadwood S3 Finale

26th December 2006, 10:59
Cy: If it’s Christmas, where’s the f*cking snow, or the f*cking harp music or the like?

And so it ends. Mrs Elswood Shows Her Mettle, Swearengen Does A Terrible Thing (Again), Langrishe Ponders The Future of Theatre, and Hearst Scores A Hollow Victory.

I was dismayed at Mrs Elswood giving in so easily to Hearst, just as I was horrified at Swearengen's solution to bring a (temporary?) peace to the camp. But life has to go on, I suppose, and such brutal times call for brutal measures.

As to the overall quality of season three, Dan Jardine from Cinemania voices similar concerns:

"Meanwhile, the failure to make Alma Garret a serious fucking woman not to be trifled with rather than a wimpy femme always on the brink of drug addiction and emotional collapse is one of the chief miscalculations of Season Three and this is much more than a sub-plot misstep. This is front and centre. The fact of the matter is, with the arrival of Hearst as the all-purpose nemesis, the principal dramatic contradiction is between his big-time industrial capitalist agenda and her small-time finance capitalist aspirations resting, obviously, on her ownership of the Homestake Claim."


Even if season three can be deemed a (noble) failure in terms of the preceding two, Deadwood remains one of the greatest experiments in television drama ever. The result was utterly unique.