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23rd October 2006, 22:27
The Meredith voice-over was on leave this week. Instead we got a George VO talking about Karma. Hey, maybe George's been hanging with Earl Hickey in his free time.

So Karma or the absence thereof was the focus of a number of story threads:

Just as Alex was really getting along with Izzie and bringing her cupcakes, who should return but Denny, the flirty heart patient from a while back. Izzie fawned and flirted over Denny and wondered why Fate targeted such a great guy for heart problems and Alex watched forlornly as Karma paid him back for cheating with Nurse Olivia that one time.

Addison found herself paying for sleeping with Mark a year ago (Karma works slow apparently) when she had a...problem with a delicate area of her anatomy. I am happy to report it was not another outbreak of syphillis but instead some poison oak. Bailey treated it and the two of them together were high-liarious. It ended with an actual nice moment between Addison and a highly amused Derek.

George paid for having the bad taste to sleep with Meredith when he accidentally revealed what had happened between them to the entire hospital and then fell down the stairs. He decided to move out of Meh's house as well.

Karma's not all bad though if the flirty new doctor who treated George's dislocated arm is anything to go by. About time someone appreciated our Georgie.

Trust that twit Meredith to get overlooked by Karma completely. Her sin was the worst of all - she cried during sex with Georgie! Bitch not only took advantage but she cried during the deed! How did Karma repay her? By having Derek convince her to walk the dog with him (not a euphemism) and be friends.

Oh dear. How long until Meredith and Derek realise they can't be friends and end up in bed together? Talk about tempting fate...

(If you're wondering why this thread is ep 19 when last week's was 17, it's because things things got a bit confused somewhere along the way and I've just noticed the numbering's wrong. Oops.)

24th October 2006, 07:48
I found Meredith quite terrible last night, and completely agreed with Izzie when she said that if she had to choose between the two of them, she would choose George!

Who does Meredith think she is? She just to poo-poo the whole sleeping thing away by saying she was sad, and lonely etc etc, but it just goes to show how self-obsessed she is, she is only concerned with her own issues and thinks no one could possibly have it as bad as her :angry:

Was so thrilled when the cute new doctor helped re-set George's shoulder, was so obvious there would be sparks flying there soon :clap:

And honestly Meredith and Derek deserve each other! Who do they think they're fooling, just taking the dog for a walk. I wanted Addison to come around the corner with the dog and Meredith to be standing there :weh:

Loved Bailey :notworthy: when Addison was crying and she started lactating :)

24th October 2006, 08:45
er a nice moment btwn adison and derek? yeah right? she is in pain and he laughed- i don think so! and whazup with izzi saying if she has to choose it's george who said anything about choosing? what are we here std5 play ground? i liked the moment where burke and tina had to have george sleep over. burke is lovely. aaargh this is just not nearly as good as bodies but not bad enough not to watch and still better than house

24th October 2006, 09:57
Grey's hit a new low when it showed the flashback to the Meredith / George liaison - and Meredith started crying and couldn't stop. God, she's depressing. This whole love triangle thing is now getting completely out of hand. And what's happened to Mark? Just when a new character arrives to spice things up, he disappears!

P.S. Please, don't get George to do the voiceovers! The show's depressing enough as it is without his verbal fumbling.

24th October 2006, 12:10
Tatty, I don't think it is as much St5 playground as it is life. When things happen between friends, there are always mutual friends that, even though they hate it, will have to choose. I totally agree with Izzie. I would also be on George's side. Gerhard, you are so right. She is totally pathetic and I've about had it with this stupid love triangle that's got as much spark as a car on a winter morning. Get on with it already!

As always, I loved Bailey and the way she talked to the Chief. He is so not in control of his hospital!

I like the look of that new doctor that was flirting with George. She might just be what the doctor prescribes.

24th October 2006, 12:52
I like the look of that new doctor that was flirting with George. She might just be what the doctor prescribes.

She reminded me a lot of one of the girls from Bones. She looks like fun, and hopefully George likes her as well.

I also thought the two Dr Shepards shared a great moment, but then he had to go and meet Meredith again. Usually I could feel a bit of sympathy for her, but not in this last episode.

Must say, although I felt very bad for Alex, I really like the guy that Izzy is into.

25th October 2006, 01:47
I like the look of that new doctor that was flirting with George.

She's scary ... I immediately get images of handcuffs and whips. There's no way George will be able to handle her. Then again, once his Beast is let loose, as Izzie puts it, it'll never go back in its cage again ... Go, George, go!!!


26th October 2006, 10:31
Im holding thumbs that George hooks up with the new doctor or the cute redhead nurse. He really deserves that someone special who treats him right not like that stupid Meredith!

And just as Addison and McDreamy have a "moment" together and what appears to be fogiveness and closeness between the two with the whole Poison Oak thing, there is old McDreamy walking the dog with Meredith? Just when I thought the whole ugly triangle was over, and McDreamy realised he loved Addison more!

P.S. Rene, you are so right about her looking like the woman from Bones! That was the first thing I thought of when I saw her!!