View Full Version : Animal Planet: Growing Up Moose

13th October 2006, 08:03
The 'ag, shame' level rose dangerously in this doccie about a zoo in Quebec, Canada that has a programme to rescue abandoned / premature moose babies. One was christened Moosh the Moose.

[Just what is the plural of moose? Mooses just doesn't sound right.]

What's cool about this zoo is that the animals are presented in as natural a habitat as possible, and roam free. People ride through the zoo in little tractor-train cages. Quite fitting.

I never knew that a baby moose could be so CUTE!


13th October 2006, 08:46
Was this on last night?

13th October 2006, 11:31
Mmm. The night before, I think. I tend to PVR and watch the following evening. Though saying that, I've got stuff PVRed from March that I've yet to watch ... *sigh*