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28th August 2006, 03:10
This episode's challenge was inspiration - designers had to take photos of things in the city and then create outfites based on one of those photos. Santino took a backseat as villain to our other designated baddie, Zulema who poached models, made no friends and was generally unpleasant. This made her exit all the more satisfying.

Her red dress was as lacklustre as anything else she's designed, only this time it at least had some colour. It definitely deserved to get her Auffed especially since it bore little to no relation to the photo of the woman in African dress.

Not that Kara's was much better. Even I could design a simple black tube dress with a diagonal yellow line across it and I have the designing skills of a peanut. Santino's, despite what the judges had to say, was as usual ugly as all hell though in his case it did at least bear a resemblance to the photo.

The judges got the best right - Andrae's and Daniel's were easily the most inspirational and well-designed (even if I would never in a million years wear Daniel's orchid top).

What was Nick's problem this episode? He was being so slapworthy with his tiresome overreaction to Zulema's stealing of his model. I mean, he overreacts to everything but this week he upped the drama queen factor by 100 and could not shut up about it. The wanting to quit was just dumb.

His outfit was also uncharacteristically weak as well as having nothing to do with the photo he used. WTF was up with that Paris Hilton on a beach in Greece with her boyfriend business?

Every season seems to bring with it a good impressionist and this season it's Santino. His Tim Gunn impersonation is spot on and oh so funny. It might even be better than his Michael Kors impression if that's possible.

Speaking of Tim, I am so glad he gave the contestants a talk about their mediocre recent design skills. The designs have not been impressing me at all and I'm getting awfully tired of them doing the same things over and over again only slightly different - Chloe's blue dresses for example.

It was great to see Jay again, especially how he namedropped Austin Scarlett with the Grammy dress.

28th August 2006, 11:54
I was glad Zulema left, although I thought it was close between her and Kara. Kara is definitely not pushing herself "out" there enough. Maybe it's cos she doesn't have the ability, but I think her days are numbered unfortunately.

Also couldn't believe how much drama Nick put into his model being stolen from him, but maybe that's where the queen comes from in Drama Queen :) I'm glad he pulled himself together though and chose to fight it out, although I also didn't get his inspiration and the resulting design.

Santino's dress really didn't look finished I thought!

I thought that Daniels was the best when comparing it to his picture, but I also wouldn't be caught in the fluffy/flowy top, it worked amazingly on his model though. I think he is becoming my favourite!

Andrae is also slowly redemming himself from his first week cry/run off ramp episode!

Chloe seems to be fading into the background, has anyone else noticed that whenever Tim comes in to check on everyone's progress, they hardly ever show the interaction between Tim and her?

The numbers are depleting - wonder who will go at the end of this week? I think it's going to be Kara or Santino...