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6th April 2009, 16:57
Peter De Villiers has given SA Rugby 7 days to act against Cheeky Watson after he allegedly made a comment saying Div is "A baboon who does not know what he is doing". If SAR dont act De Villiers says he will resign.

Our poor coach, why is he subjected to all this problems in his tenure? Does the powers that govern the game here not want him to stay on? What yourl say?


Cape Town - Springbok coach Peter de Villiers has given SA Rugby seven days to take action against Cheeky Watson.

This is after Watson referred to De Villiers in a recent meeting of the EP Legends as “a baboon who does not know what he is doing.”

De Villiers sent a letter to SA Rugby through his attorney Ferdi Hartzenberg, in which he asks that the organisation takes action against Watson for the racist remarks that he made in the meeting.

Watson still has not confirmed or denied the comment, but De Villiers’ attorneys have let SA Rugby know that they believe the comment is the “worst type of defamation and racism” that there is.

According to Sondag’s sourced, De Villiers is so incensed about the incident, and the fact that SA Rugby have not taken any action that he is considering resigning as Springbok coach over the matter.

The lawyers letter, which Sondag has a copy of, asks that SA Rugby start an investigation after Watson’s comments.

“Given the fact that a member of our client’s employer orchestrated this personal attack on our client, we are of the opinion that it is in everybody’s best interests for SA Rugby to rectify the situation,” the letter reads.

If not, De Villiers threatens to institute a grievance against his employers because SA Rugby “promised him to set a climate where he is protected from personal attacks and an environment in which he can give his best work in his position.”

Watson told OFM earlier this week that he and De Villiers are still friends but the letter confirms that this is far from the point.

The letter makes mention of the fact that Watson was contacted and denied the allegations, but says that “it is quite obvious that the true facts and the information given differ completely from each other.”

The letter was sent via fax to SA Rugby’s legal adviser Christo Ferreira on Tuesday and asks that the matter “be rectified within seven days.”

Hartzenberg told Sondag that he has not heard anything from SA Rugby on the matter and referred them back to the organisation.

An SA Rugby spokesperson said the matter was being investigated but declined to comment further about why the organisation had not replied or taken action as yet.

In a related incident, the official who served papers on Watson last week for defamation after he was attacked in a newspaper article, Godfrey Afrika, was called into SA Rugby “to discuss his future”.

According to Sondag’s sources Afrika was told that he was no longer part of the Eastern Cape franchise and would in future be limited to developmental tasks in the region.