Antoinette Louw: Actress

Known As
Inge van Schalkwyk On 7de Laan

Fave TV Show Ever
Thirtysomething. Ally McBeal was also really cool - in the beginning. Let's say The Practice. The Practice.

Fave TV Actor/Actress
Definitely Meryl Streep. She's done a couple of TV shows - Angels in America. She's amazing. I love watching her - how she hones her craft. In South Africa, Grethe Fox is amazing, Anna Mart van der Merwe. Guys - David Minaar. Ian Roberts.

What TV show would you most like to be in?
Something like The Practice. The acting's amazing and the stories - the human stories. It's such a high quality show. Isidingo is amazing too.

Would you rather play a villain or a hero? A villain. For an actor I think it's very rewarding and challenging to play the villain. It's much more exciting. For a villain there's so much more to it than just playing the character as bad. You have to find the good qualities in the character. That's why Cherel is so popular - Michelle doesn't play the character as bad. You have to find something in the character that people will have sympathy with.

Fave TV Theme Tune
Oooh - the theme song of Buck Rogers. Knight Rider. It's so recognisable everywhere.

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