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  New on Zone Reality in August 2008
New on Zone Reality in August, 2008:

Premiered: Friday, 1 August 2008 at 22h00

Inside is an American documentary series which takes viewers behind the scenes and behind the headlines into the dangerous and fascinating world of criminal justice and investigation.

TVSA's Inside Mini-Site.

Video Justice
Premiere date: Thursday, 21 August 2008 at 22h00


Video Justice looks at how video and news footage is used in the battle to bring criminals to justice.

In the premiere episode: cameras capture a terrifying assault, a young girl mysteriously disappears and a chilling video explains how a fugitive uses video to taunt the cop who's hot on his trail.

Also - a cold-blooded killer's desperate run from the law, a bank robber's big gamble puts her on the FBI’s radar, and a suicidal woman dares the cops to open fire.

Cameras also capture one man's destructive rampage, chilling video of a vicious killer caught in the act and a cop with a video camera is waiting for a burglar caught in a tight spot.


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