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  Y&R Teasers - August 2010
Coming up on Y&R in August, 2010:

Monday 2 August 2010
Episode 9245

The Newmans receive big news. Family and friends say good-bye to Colleen. Victor is surprised by Ashley's decisions.

Tuesday 3 August 2010
Episode 9246

Chloe is forced to come clean. Nikki lets her guard down. Phyllis is overwhelmed learning about Sharon's sacrifice.

Wednesday 4 August 2010
Episode 9247

Phyllis apologizes to Sharon. Daniel catches Amber in a compromising position. Gloria steals the Terroni.

Thursday 5 August 2010
Episode 9248

Adam steals to keep up his charade. Victor has something to tell Nikki. Billy is given an important task.

Friday 6 August 2010
Episode 9249

Sharon makes a selfish choice. Victor has a seizure. Colleen's memorial service begins.

Monday 9 August 2010
Episode 9250

Sharon and Nick say goodbye to Faith. Victoria catches Adam making deals for Newman. Ashley tells Victor she wants a divorce.

Tuesday 10 August 2010
Episode 9251

Jack helps Sharon move on with her life. Billy learns that he is still married to Chloe. A familiar stranger takes interest in news of Patty's crimes.

Wednesday 11 August 2010
Episode 9252

A clever game determines who can stay at the cabin. Victor offers Adam a job. Double-crossing deals go down over the Terroni.

Thursday 12 August 2010
Episode 9253

Daniel scores a victory. Lily and Cane renew their vows. Adam undermines Nick and Victoria.

Friday 13 August 2010
Episode 9254

Victor questions Nikki. J.T. surprises Victoria with his opportunity to leave Genoa City. Adam spills the truth to Sharon.

Monday 16 August 2010
Episode 9255

Ashley makes a stunning request. Sharon makes a new ally. Billy makes an offer to Phyllis.

Tuesday 17 August 2010
Episode 9256

Deacon argues with Ryder. Chloe comes to Billy's rescue. Nick and Phyllis make a decision about 'Restless Style.

Wednesday 18 August 2010
Episode 9257

Emily and Patty come face to face. Traci issues Nikki a stern warning. Kay gives jack unwelcome news.

Thursday 19 August 2010
Episode 9258

Billy assumes control at "Restless Style". Chance confronts Chloe about her lies. Victor scolds Adam.

Friday 20 August 2010
Episode 9259

A surprise guest arrives for Faith's christening. Billy changes things up at "Restless Style". Adam tells Sharon the truth.

Monday 23 August 2010
Episode 9260

Jack tells Victor's secrets to Billy. Katherine gives Nikki a dose of reality. Sharon gets a new job.

Tuesday 24 August 2010
Episode 9261

Jana and Amber play a deadly game. J.T. confronts Deacon about Victoria. Victor shares surprising news with Michael.

Wednesday 25 August 2010
Episode 9262

Jeff and Gloria scheme to restore their fortune. Victor surprises Nikki. Ashley's discovery makes her furious.

Thursday 26 August 2010
Episode 9263

Billy exposes Victoria's affair. Victor leaves his legacy for Faith. The Newman family gathers for an announcement.

Friday 27 August 2010
Episode 9264

Billy trades his family for fame. Jack makes a confession to Victor. Abby makes a new friend at a costume party.

Monday 30 August 2010
Episode 9265

Nikki and Victor leave for Belgium. Adam goes to Phyllis for help. Chance witnesses an intimate moment between Chloe and Billy.

Tuesday 31 August 2010
Episode 9266

Lily and Cane take a step forward in their relationship. Billy starts to realise the consequences of his actions. Nick plans to keep Adam away from Sharon.

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old same stories just lik da B&B, boring


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