Survivor Samoa: who would you align with?
Samoa Episode 9 Pic 12

She's only just appeared on Survivor Samoa and disappeared as suddenly. Kelly. Did you also only notice her recently? She spoke for the first time last week, at one of the challenges and on Monday night she had quite a lot to say before getting unceremoniously whacked.

Her blindsiding was excellent fun, made extra giggle'worthy by how it impacted on Laura who's my worst out of everyone. Watching her last night I realised that she's the person I'd least want to align myself with if I were on the show - which got me thinking about who I'd most want an alliance with.

The answer: Mick.

Here's my list of reasons as to why I wouldn't align with any of the others:


Samoa Episode 9 Laura

Too catty and cliquey. Comes across as very two-faced and judgemental. Definitely seems as if Shambo was right about her, when she said she was in the "cool girls" group at school and still maintains the same mentality.


Samoa Episode 9 Pic 13

Even though she's Laura's arch enemy, I'd never align with her because of the mallet-mess she wears as hair. It's different for Russell because she wouldn't ask a guy to try to un-knot it for her but if she was tight with a chick she might and you don't want to be that person, brrrr.

Also, she comes across as too much of a victim which isn't a good state of mind to be a winning team.


Samoa Episode 9 Pic 11

You'd always be competing with her boobs. If you made the final two with her and you faced the jury together no-one would listen to your reasons as to why you should win because they'd be mesmerised into her bosom.


Samoa Episode 9 Russell

Despite him being such a poison dwarf I'm liking him more and more because of how funny he is. He's definitely playing the game the way one should and would bring loads of smarts to an alliance. The only problem is the obvious one: he'd definitely stab you in the back when things got to the crunch.


Samoa Episode 9 Pic 10

Jaison's a double edged sword: on one hand he'd be a perfect ally because he's so cool but this is the very thing that makes him such a problem. In a final two situation it would very difficult to beat him. He's also good company so the jury would like him and you'd have an impossible task trying to be more charming than him.


Samoa Episode 9 Dave

Urgh, never. After Laura he's my next worst. His Kevin Spacey resemblance doesn't do the real Kevin any favours - I won't be able to see him again without thinking of Dave. Last night he confirmed that he's the thickest of them all when he bulldozed Monica's concerns about someone playing an idol.

He also looks too scuzzball to be a legitimate gym instructor and doesn't give any sense of confidence that he's loyal or trustworthy. A definite no-no.


Samoa Episode 9 Jon

Too vain.

? ... Brett

Samoa Episode 9 Brett

He's so invisible I had to look up his name. I don't have any relationship with him whatsoever and would never suggest getting together.


Samoa Episode 9 Monica

I considered her quite seriously for a while because of how lost she seems. Like if you were to offer her a final two alliance to the end, she may consider it and might even be very trustworthy.

I also have a girlcrush on her so it would be cool but she's useless at challenges. If you want to go far as a final two you have to be tough in challenges too, particularly once it starts getting down to the finale four and three so she's a "no" too.

Which only leaves ....


Samoa Episode 9 Mick

....  who has all the right ingredients. He seems very trustworthy, he's physically tough, he hasn't rubbed anyone up the wrong way and he's maintained a sense of calm while his tribe was down.

Yes it would be tough to be beat him in a final two situation because of all these things but the one thing he hasn't shown is that he's good company. In a final two situation all you'd have to do is charm the jury and be more charismatic than him, which shouldn't be too difficult.

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Reply from: Cloud9 Tuesday, March 20, 2012 12:38 PM
Mick would be too hard to beat precisely because he hasn't rubbed anyone the wrong way. It's really hard to beat a young, physically fit, well-liked guy in a final two situation. He's as tough a final two opponent as Jaison, I reckon. Natalie seems to have a very good social game going on. All three have the Foa Foa underdog thing going for them as well, so no thanks.

Monica would be a better bet as she's perceived as the weakest in her tribe and they would probably dismiss her as a coattail-rider (overlooking the fact she's a lot cannier than she is physically fit).

As horrifying as her fem-mullet is, Shambo's the way to go. She's a great goat: not very scheming and no-one really likes her on Galu. Russell's similarly goat-y because Galu hates his guts but he's far too unpredictable and self-interested to align with.
No to the rest, especially Bitchface Laura.
Reply from: pkpage Tuesday, March 20, 2012 13:00 PM
Thanks Tashi!

I'm starting to think that Russell getting the idols is not just fishy, it smells of the paper it was served on. I mean really, the guy we are supposed to hate and can't wait for his walk in the ramp of shame keeps on being protected from it.
Reply from: sesikavincent Tuesday, March 20, 2012 14:07 PM
i'm beginning to like Russell too.......... last night was fun to watch
Reply from: Sobza Tuesday, March 20, 2012 14:23 PM

Oh how I love Russell....I wish he stays longer, because he is bringing all the drama. He always has something up his sleeves....I like how he is playing the game, were it not for him Foa Foa would be dead right now.

I can't wait for next week, I saw that Dave and Laura are gonna be following him around. Foa Foa lost most challenges but they were united and there are no cracks in their alliance.

Reply from: Toxic Tuesday, March 20, 2012 14:51 PM
I can't wait for next week, I saw that Dave and Laura are gonna be following him around.

The editing was hilarious! seems like at some point they are literally chasing him to the idols location. can't wait!

that said, i dont have a favourite. Russell annoys me when he's not being funny and Jaison's yellow shirt reminded me of vomit so much that i now dislike him.
Reply from: wonderlad Thursday, March 22, 2012 14:15 PM
Hmm I probably would align with Mick as well - he is possibly the most likeable of the bunch - but I probably wouldn't stand a chance against him. 
Realistically one would go to the final against someone who one could trust but is more flawed like Shambo or Jaison. 

Brett also seems like a nice guy but we haven't really got to know him yet.

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