Who should win American Idol?
AI 11 Finale Countdown

After months of fighting to stay relevant in the ratings, the eleventh American Idol finale has arrived. Jessica Sanchez and Phillip Phillips go voice-to-voice in the US tonight (Tuesday) in their final two performance show.

As per usual, we'll be seeing both the performance show and the finale live.  The performance show will air on M-Net and M-Net HD at 02h00 tomorrow morning (Wednesday, 23rd).

The results will be revealed during the finale the next night - this airs live for us on Thursday morning at 02h00.

Both shows will be rebroadcast on Sunday (27th) during the regular AI timeslot. Things are currently scheduled to start at 17h00 but word is this might change - depending on how long each show runs - so keep a lookout on the EPG to be sure to catch it all.

There's no word on the specifics of the songs they'll be singing for their showdown but series producer Nigel Lythgoe's confirmed that they'll be singing three each: their favourite song from the season, a song chosen by series creator Simon Fuller and they'll be performing their new singles for the first time.

The performance show will obviously keep the spotlight on them and then the finale's going to go beserk with other people stealing their limelight. The Top 12 will be back with a number, as will Season 7 winner David Cook - who really needs to disappear. Why they keep dragging him out is beyond me.

Rihanna will be headlining as a special guest for the evening with a performance of her single Where Have You Been? J.Lo will also be performing with Puerto Rican duo Wisin & Yandel, amidst murmurs that she'll be leaving the show - which aren't true apparently.

After the burst of news that claimed she's leaving the show she's responded by saying that she isn't. My guess is there was never such a rumour and that the press made it up so she'd have something to respond to i.e. the "rumour" delivered two stories from zilch to beef up a slow news day.

So who should snatch the win? My vote goes firmly to Phillip for these five reasons:

1) He's been my fave contender and voice since the start. When the Top 10 were first announced he was at the top of my list and still is.

2) He's gotten as far as he has despite his extended battle with bad kidneys. From the sounds of it he's barely alive and yet he's continued delivering each week. According to TMZ he went home last week and his family doctor URGED him (in capital letters) to have an operation right away but he refused because it would mean missing the finale. Either he's brave or mad - either way it's admirable.

3) The Crystal Bowersox factor. He has a unique voice and style and someone alternative would take the title for once.

4) Jessica's young and has loads of time to win something.

5) Phillip's been consistently impressive each week and he's never needed to be saved.
Reply from: allyv Tuesday, May 22, 2012 15:06 PM
Reply from: lolo25 Tuesday, May 22, 2012 16:00 PM
Jessica should win. who cares Joshua is not there
Reply from: Xolisalife Wednesday, May 23, 2012 14:51 PM

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