Pup controversy hounds Super Bowl
Move over Madonna and M.I.A., two new star's outshone you at Sunday's Super Bowl:



The twosome are the stars of Animal Planet's' 2012 Puppy Bowl. The event takes place annually on the eve of the Super Bowl and features pups playing a ball game in a special stadium.

This was the event's eighth year and the win was snatched by Fumble, with controversy surrounding his victory because of Aberdeen's popularity.

Winners win the title of MVP: Most Valuable Puppy. Fumble won the MVP award for the actual on-air event - awarded by the organisers and the channel, while Aberdeen won the viewers MVP for being the fan favourite.

Various stories across the interweb are abuzz with the scandal of it - including People and this one right here on TIME Newsfeed. The reason for the scandal: Aberdeen scored four times during the game whereas Fumble only scored twice. People are calling "Foul!" saying that Aberdeen was robbed and should have won the on-air event too.

Which I don't agree with at all. As you'll see Fumble was a master of gameplay - even if he didn't score as much, he's got the perfect winners attitude.

See if you agree ...

Woof! ... all of the pooches are from shelters. Animal Planet gives details of how people can adopt them and other pups during the show.

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Reply from: Purepersonality Thursday, February 09, 2012 01:38 AM
WTF!!!!!!!! What has the entertainment industry come to? Bathong weeee le dintswa ka mogare.
Y da f#%k wud u want to give awards to dogs,im pretty sure the only thing it wants is a bone.I do admit they are absolutely ADORABLE & Extremely CUTE mara cumon' ppl this is bananas.
At the superbowl norgal.
Reply from: ThatDude Thursday, February 09, 2012 09:52 AM
lol are you serious!
Reply from: maddie Thursday, February 09, 2012 10:40 AM
when in the US i went 2 a football game and i really really enjoyed the whole experience so when superbowl was broadcast on sunday i stayed up all night just to relive the experience, i've been converted/americanised, Eli Manning and Tom Brady are my faves though i wasn't rooting for any team

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