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On Oprah this week:

Monday, 18 May 2009
Exclusive interview: The McCanns and the new search for Madeleine

The little girl who vanished from her family vacation home; in their first interview in America, Madeleine McCann's parents talk to Oprah. What would Madeleine look like two years after she vanished? What life is like now?


Tuesday, 19 May 2009
Inside American Idol, the Queen’s Palace, Valentino’s Empire

Oprah gets access to some of the most restricted places in the world. First, a rare glimpse inside Queen Elizabeth's favourite home. The royal family opens its doors and lets O'scameras into Windsor Castle.

Then, a backstage trip into American Idol. Ryan Seacrest hosts a behind-the-scenes tour of what happens before the judges and contestants take the stage.

Plus, a look into the world of legendary Valentino Empire. The renowned designer rveals the stories behind some of his dresses and fashion shows.


Wednesday, 20 May 2009
Oprah Friday’s Live with Justin Timberlake

Oprah, Mark Consuelos, Ali Wentworth, Gayle King and special guest on the panel Justin Timberlake talk about hot topics from the week.


Thursday, 21 May 2009
Ruby, Little People just married: Reality TV

Ruby Gettinger ia a new face from the Style Network who once weighed more than 700 pounds. On today’s show, she talks about her journey of weight loss and why she’s determined to get healthy. Then, one of Ruby’s most devoted fans gets a huge surprise.

Later in the show, the couple from TLC’s “Little People: Just Married” reveal how their story has inspired a young girl. Plus, behind-the-scenes with “Jon & Kate Plus 8.”


Friday, 29 Friday, 22 May 2009 (Rebroadcast episode)
How to Handle Life's Stickiest Situations

Experts share their best advice on how to solve big and smal dilemmas. O magazine contributor Faith Salie and New York Times magazine columnist Randy Cohen join Oprah to talk ethics. From handling a proposition from your friend’s husband, to telling someone they have bad breath or wear too much makeup, O reveals how to gracefully handle some of life’s stickiest situations.


Saturday, 23 May 2009 at 09h30 (Rebroadcast episode)
Lisa Ling Reports: How We Treat the Animals We Eat

Lisa Ling gets a rare look inside some of America’s farms to see first-hand how the animals we eat live before they get to the table. From chicken farms to pig farms, Lisa visits several very different farming operations to show how some animals are cared for.

The Oprah Winfrey Show is on SABC3 Mondays to FRidays at 17h30; and Saturdays at 09h30.

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