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  New On National Geographic In February, 2008
New on National Geographic in February, 2008:

Six Degrees Could Change The World
Premiere date: 17 February at 21h00

six degrees

As the volume of greenhouse gases increases yearly, scientists are warning that the global average temperature could increase by as much as 6ºC over the next century, which would cause our world to change radically.

This documentary joins British author Mark Lynas and climate experts as they take a look at what effect each rise of 1ºC could have on the world.


China's Mystery Mummies
Premiere date: 24 February at 21h00

Deep in China’s Tarim Basin, a desert land shrouded in myths and legends, a series of mummified bodies were found in 1978 - but who were they, and where did they come from?

Many of the mummies had European features, calling into question existing theories about East/West migration. Now, thanks to the latest DNA technology, investigators are able to shed new light on this enigmatic find, helping to unravel a mystery that could rewrite history.


What Would Happen If ...?
Premiere date: 25 February at 18h00

What would happen if gravity was twice as strong? Or if there was no friction in the world? This new series, hosted by Dr Marty Jopson, seeks the answers to these questions and more.

With inventor Jem Stansfield and leading academics, find out what happens when a watermelon is blasted with artificial lightning and meet the female British ballistics expert who reveals if a camera could stop a bullet.


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