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New on Nat Geo Wild, April 2008:


Crocodile Autopsy
On: Monday, 7 April 2008 at 22h00
Duration: 1 hour

Tuesday 8 April: 01h00, 04h00
Sunday 13 April: 21h00
Monday 14 April: 00h00, 03h00
Tuesday 15 April: 11h00, 17h00
Thursday 17 April: 21h00
Friday 18 April: 00h00, 03h00

With 23 known species of crocodiles in existence, this group of ancient reptilians is perhaps the most well-adapted predator the world has ever seen. Crocodiles have been around for almost 200 million years, their basic design not having changed during all this time, making crocs one of the most sucessful living beings on Earth.

They outlasted dinosaurs and survived the catastrophic extinction of many other dominant species on the planet. But how can such an ancient, primitive design still be state-of-the-art today? Scientists are about to uncover the secret of the crocodile’s success.

TVSA's Crocodile Autopsy mini-site.


Silence of the Bees
Premiere date: Tuesday, 15 April 2008 at 22h00
Duration: 1  hour


Wednesday, 16 April: 01h00, 04h00
Sunday, 20 April at 21h00
Monday, 21 April at 03h00
Tuesday, 22 April at 11h00, 17h00
Thursday, 24 April at 21h00
Friday, 25 April at 00h00, 03h00

If the honey bee wasn’t around to pollinate the planet’s flowers, we would have few fruits and vegetables, and many of our most important crops would disappear. But disappear is exactly what the world’s bees are doing. In the US alone, one-third of the honey bee population has vanished, seemingly into thin air.

Bees are in crisis, and scientists, beekeepers and farmers alike now face a race against time to figure out what to do about it. Featuring close-up footage of these insects at work, this documentary attempts to get to the bottom of what is happening to the world’s bees.


Ultimate Vipers
Premiere date: Tuesday, 22 April at 22h00
Duration: 1 hour


Wednesday, 23 April at 01h00, 04h00
Sunday, 27 April at 17h00, 21h00
Monday, 28 April at 03h00
Tuesday, 29 April at 11h00, 17h00

If you’ve ever come face-to-face with a viper, you’ll know exactly why they have the reputation of being one of nature’s most fearsome predators. One look at a viper tells you that they are built for the kill: they have wide mouths that open to a staggering 110 degrees, sharp, retractable fangs that deliver deadly venom in a clinical stabbing motion, and huge, triangular heads that allow them to devour larger prey.

Find out about the bioengineering and astounding anatomy that make vipers such successful killers.

Ultimate Vipers is part of Nat Geo Wild's "Ultimate" series of documentaries which include Ultimate Shark, Ultimate Snake and Ultimate Disasters.


Animal Inspectors
Premiere date: Monday, 21 April 2008 at 20h30
On: Mondays to Fridays at 20h30
Duration: Half an hour

A piglet is rescued from the boot of a car, dog owners turn aggressive when their animals are removed, a horse is injured in the care of it's trainer and an elderly man's house becomes home to a wild cat population.

Featuring stories of courage and compassion, we visit New Zealand's largest animal shelter, the Auckland SPCA. Here, staff often put their own safety at risk to rescue animals and campaign against animal cruelty.


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