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  New on M-Net Series in December 2008
New on M-Net Series in December 2008:


Saturday Night Live 2008/2009
Premiere: Saturday, 13 December at 23h00

The new season of SNL. 

West Wing 6
Premiere date: Monday, 15 December at 22h00

TVSA's West Wing Season 6 Show Page

Lincoln Heights 3
Premiere date: Wednesday, 17 December at 20h00

Lincoln Heights is a family drama about the Sutton family who moved to Lincoln Heights in order to take advantage of the police department’s incentive program for cops willing to live in dangerous neighbourhoods they patrol, in return for affordable home ownership.

In Season 3 the Suttons are faced with new challenges. Eddie is injured in the line of duty and is homebound for a while, which he embraces by trying to cook for the family and enlisting new rules for the kids, much to their chagrin.

Jenn finds herself leaving the hospital to work in the local clinic, all while balancing her busy home life.

Cassie and Charles’ romance heats up after being on hold for the summer while she was away at art camp. Cassie starts working at Revolution Coffee Spot, and meets Luc, the manager and artist who sparks her passion for art and brings out Charles’ jealous side.

Tay and Lizzie are finding their way as pre-teens dealing with peer pressure and possible budding romances and Eddie’s partner Lund is surprised when his wild teenage daughter, Sage, comes to live with him and turns his bachelor world upside down.

Designing Women 6
Premiere date: Thursday, 18 December at 23h00

Designing Women, the witty and stylish comedy series returns for its sixth season with two new ladies joining Sugarbaker & Associates in Atlanta.

Returning cast Dixie Carter, Annie Potts, Meshach Taylor and co star Alice Ghostley are joined by Julia Duffy and Jan Hooks.


Dirty Sexy Money
Premiered: Monday, 1 December at 19h00

TVSA's Dirty Sexy Money Season 1 Show Page

The Heart Is Beautiful
Premiere date: Sunday, 14 December 2008 at 20h00

The Heart Is Beautiful is a four-part South African documentary series that focuses on heart transplant cases performed by Dr Susan Vosloo at the Chris Barnard Memorial Hospital.

The series follows the real life story of the Gird family, who's daughter needs a heart transplant. Filmed in real time, the series covers the family's wait for a heart donor - never knowing if it's going to happen or not.

As the series unfolds it follows the family's emotional and physical journey and the family's fate is revealed across the four episodes.

Raising the Bar
Premiere date: Wednesday, 17 December at 21h00

A legal drama revolving round a group of lawyers who were classmates and friends in law school, but now find themselves professional adversaries, on opposing sides.

TVSA's Raising The Bar Mini-Site.

The Starter Wife
Premiere date: Sunday, 21 December at 22h00

The Starter Wife is a mini-series based on the novel of the same name by Gigi Levangie Grazer. Its title is derived from the concept of a starter marriage.

Filmed over four months in Queensland, Australia, the plot focuses on Molly Kagan (Debra Messing) who, after years of marriage to a Hollywood film mogul, is forced to redefine herself and her role in society when he leaves her for a younger woman.

TVSA's The Starter Wife Mini-Site

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Reply from: Cnglemother Tuesday, December 02, 2008 19:37 PM
Starter wife sounds interesting!but i will have problems accepting Debra Messing playing another character.
Reply from: WhiteSockGirl Tuesday, December 02, 2008 19:44 PM
Have not seen Starter Wife somewhere?  Or am being confused ... as usual

I am so looking forward to Raising the Bar,... I am addicted to courtroom drama,... eish,.. real and fiction.

I love The West Wing but it is one of those dramas that I need to discuss with someone else,.. and my father is the only other person I know that is a fan.

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