TVSA Blogs FAQ
A note that there is now a TVSA blogs FAQ in the main menu, under Blogs.


In it you'll find info that will assist you in getting the maximum out of your blog.

These are the areas the FAQ's cover:

Complete Tutorial
A guide to everything and anything to do with blogging.

How Do I Put Images Into My Blog?
An explaination of how to add images to your articles.

How Do I Add A Blurb Image To My Blog?
An explanation of how to add small images to your article description.

How Do I Get Help With My Blog?

How Do I Get Featured On The TVSA Homepage?
Tips and guidelines on what TVSA looks for when it comes to featuring blogs on the homepage.


There are also other new additions to the menu:

The DStv channels BBC Prime and Channel O have been added to Channels.

The Casting Calls section has been added to both Actors and News so you can access it quickly to see if you've missed anything.

Other Teasers has been added to the Soapie and Talk Show Teasers. Here you can find the latest teasers and titbits on different shows.


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Reply from: Dimago Wednesday, October 22, 2008 08:53 AM
How do i upload clips?
Reply from: TVSA Admin Wednesday, October 22, 2008 09:02 AM
Hey D - video clips? If so, you need to upload them to YouTube and then put the Embed Code of the video into your blog in the Source Code.

Once you've uploaded to YouTube you'll see it gives an embed code (meaning a code that allows you to embed a video onto another site)

Copy the code and paste it into the Source Code of your article (the code that sets up the layout of your blog) - you'll see the Source Code function in the top left hand corner of your article - it's the biggest button in the editor. If you have any further questions or get stuck in the process PM citanul and he'll assist you.
Reply from: Magical Baby Wednesday, March 20, 2013 12:35 PM
I need to get hold of Makisto, I need help with my school work, not sure how to get hold of him. Please help!!!!!!!!

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