New Shows on e.tv In October
Starting on e.tv in October, 2007:

Craz-e: C-Bear and Jamal
Premiere date: 1 October at 15:00 pm

Jamal passes through his 10th birthday, and in the process of 'becoming a man', which is what this milestone means, he tries to give up childhood things, including C Bear, his teddy bear. C Bear and Jamal talk to each other, and C Bear can create imaginary scenarios for Jamal - he shows Jamal what adulthood can mean, and how passing 10 does not mean that all of childhood must be abandoned.

Lunchtime News
Premiere date: 4 October at 13h00

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Rachel Ray
Premiere date: 4 October at 13h30

Talk Show

rachel ray

The Rachel Ray show is a cooking show with a difference as host Rachel approaches the kitchen in a different way. She showcases unique dishes, answers viewers pressing questions and tips on entertaining. Hours in front of the stove are a thing of the past as Rachel cooks up a storm with her quick and affordable dishes.

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Craz-e: Gerald McBoing Boing
Premiere date: 13 October at 10:00 am

A collection of hilarious adventures packed into high-energy 11-minute episodes, featuring Gerald, a six-year-old boy who makes himself heard using sounds instead of words. Together with his parents and best friends Jacob and Janine, Gerald's world is filled with non-stop 'gags' and 'gigles.'

Birth Days
Premiere date: 17 October at 11:30 am

Amazing stories from life's greatest adventure. Birth Days is an emotional whirlwind of a series that celebrates one of life's greatest adventures - the magic of becoming a parent, and the reality of what bringing a baby home is all about. A compelling series of up-close and personal stories, each thirty-minute episode follows one family on their journey into parenthood, focusing on the dramatic first days of living with baby at home.

An in-depth documentary series, Birth Days captures the emotionally charged first days and weeks at home with the couple and their newborn, offering an honest account of how couples cope as they enter the unknown and often difficult world of new parenthood. From baby blues, nursing woes, interrupted sleep, colic, returning to work and interfering friends and grandparents to the unprecedented joy of bringing a baby into the world, Birth Days offers a real-life glimpse at what real people experience when they enter the baby zone.

Through compelling personal stories, Birth Days explores the emotional, medical, economic and social aspects of parenting and the post-partum experience.

Planet Parent
Premiere date: 17 October at 12 pm

Planet Parent is a ‘how to’ manual for all parents with children of any age. It focuses on the human drama of raising children and shares in the concerns and frustrations most parents feel. Planet Parent examines the pros and cons of various theories on how to handle a child, but most importantly listens to parents.

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