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  CB Preview: 14 October, 2007
Please note that Sunday night's Carte Blanche will be a special 90 minute episode. Here's what's coming up:

Broadcast date: Sunday, 14 October 2007 at 19h00.

Africa Burning

Satellite images from outer space show Africa is a continent on fire. In some African countries as much as half their contribution to global warming comes from fires. Now a young South African scientist has developed satellite technology that could help control the flames. Barely six years after Phillip Frost started working on the technology as a student, his system has received a standing ovation from Nasa scientists.

Producer: Imageworks
Presenter: John Webb

Flying too much

Romantic weekend getaways are now easier than ever as airlines squeeze more seats into planes and manufacturers push for fuel efficiently. But is it possible that increased travel may destroy the places we like to visit so much? Climate change is already threatening to turn Venice into a new Atlantis. In a special broadcast Carte Blanche airs this dilemma: Cheaper seats has supported a boom in air travel, drastically pushing up global carbon dioxide emissions worldwide and potentially fuelling global warming.

Producer: BBC

Tea from the Tillerman

The Mount Nelson Hotel in Cape Town has become known for its high tea, a host of international celebrities and its beautiful gardens. Its latest guests may be less attractive than Kate Moss, but are so valuable that they have earned their own pink hotel on the grounds.

This week Carte Blanche gets up close and personal with the hotel's most prized guests: thousands of wriggling earthworms. These amazing little creatures are eating their way through a tonne of organic waste a month. They further pay their way by producing the finest compost and ‘worm tea’ conditioner for the lush gardens. We show how any household can reduce waste by up to 70 percent with the help of these humble wrigglies.

Producer: Nikki Berryman
Presenter: Bongani Bingwa

Green Trends

Green is the new Black. It's cool to be green in Hollywood, on the fashion ramps, in music, on TV…. As international stars jump on the climate change bandwagon, Carte Blanche shows an exclusive preview from Leonardo di Caprio's new documentary on climate change, “The Eleventh Hour”, and Bonita models the latest green designs.

Producer: Backyard
Presenter: Bonita Nuttall

*Line-ups are subject to change

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