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  Premiere Alert! Miss Naked Beauty
Starting on BBC Lifestyle in June, 2009:

Miss Naked Beauty
Premiere date: Tuesday, 2 June 2009 at 21h20

Gok Wan

Miss Naked Beauty is a search for a woman who embodies the confidence, sex appeal, spirit, brains and true natural beauty of a modern-day Eve.

The show sets out to challenge conventional notions of what is "beautiful" by turning the traditional beauty contest on its head. The winner of the competition has to possess natural beauty, and must also have the brains and balls to tackle some of the uglier sides of the industry.

The winner will win the title and also has a job to do. She'll write a regular magazine column to expose the sinister side of beauty, and promote the natural beauty message.

She'll also become the face of a new model agency with a fresh twist on the typical, stick-thin catwalk clothes horse. Plus, she'll report back to Gok Wan in the next series of How to Look Good Naked with her discoveries during her year on the job.

Under the watchful eye of mentors Gok Wan and Myleene Klass the chosen few with real potential to become Miss Naked Beauty will undergo a series of “make-under” missions.

The weekly challenges will send the girls on personal journeys to confront the established perceptions of beauty - and prove that they have the skills and attitude to be a bona fide natural beauty campaigner.

A judging panel of industry insiders whittle down the girls until there is only one left. In true beauty-queen style, the women must fight to keep themselves in the competition, proving their credibility to become Miss Naked Beauty 2008.

Oliver’s Twist 1
Premiere date: Monday, 22 June 2009 at 18h30 and 19h00
Double bill episodes

In Oliver’s Twist, Jamie Oliver blends the culture and style of London street life with interesting characters and food as Jamie cooks for his family and friends.

Oliver’s Twist goes beyond the basic format of cooking in the kitchen, as Jamie shares his streetwise banter and passion for cooking with London market traders, and the audience gains an insight into how to source the best ingredients.

Hell’s Kitchen USA 3
Premiere date: Wednesday,  24 June 2009 at 18h30

Hot-headed chef Gordon Ramsay returns for a third season of Hell’s Kitchen USA. Tensions reach boiling point as a group of wannabe chefs compete to win Gordon’s respect and a life-changing prize.

Each week the hopefuls battle to prove themselves in the kitchen. Only those who can stand the heat will go through to the next episode and inch closer to a chance to compete in the grand final.

Gordon’s hot temper and cutting remarks soon bring the contestants down to size as their inexperience and the stress of cooking under pressure begins to show.

In this third seasons, Gordon asks contestants to up their game. The winner will receive a quarter of a million dollar salary as head chef of the restaurant at the Green Valley Resort in Las Vegas, and also take a share in the restaurant's profits.

BBC Lifestyle is on DStv, Channel 180.

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