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  Celebrating Awards (10 August 2010)
On 3rd Degree this Tuesday, 10 August 2010:

Episode Title: Celebrating Awards
Broadcast date: 10 August 2010

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To celebrate Women's Month, 3rd Degree showcases the achievements of the 3rd Degree team - most of them women - over the past decade.

The special looks at the investigations that have won awards, the stories that have changed lives and documentaries that have exposed injustice. It also features some of the news-makers who’ve appeared on the show over time.

The broadcast follows shortly after Debora Patta's most recent achievement at the SA’s Most Influential Women in Business and Government Awards.

The awards were held at the Gallagher Convention Centre on Friday, 30 July and Debora was joint-winner in the category: Telecommunications, Media, TV, Radio and Press - Live. She won alongside Devi Sankaree Govender of Carte Blanche.

The annual awards are arranged by publishing house CEO Communications and celebrate women who make a significant contribution to business and media.

3rd Degree is on e.tv on Tuesdays at 21h30.

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