New on BBC Knowledge in May 2009
Starting on BBC Knowledge in May, 2009:

The Apprentice UK
Premiere date: Tuesday, 12 May at 21h30

The second season of The Apprentice UK featuring Sur Alan Sugar as the hirer and firer.

For more about the show, including all the contestants, please see TVSA's The Apprentice UK 2 Show Page.

Who Do You Think You Are? 5
Premiere date: Thursday, 14 May 2009 at 21h30

A new season of the show featuring celebrities who go in search of who they are by exploring their family trees.

In the season's line-up: Mayor of London Boris Johnson, US talkshow host Jerry Srpinger and UK actress Esther Rantzen, whose family’s past includes a  story of fraud, bigamy and murder.

Premiere date: Friday, 22 May 2009 at 21h30


In this five-part series, Griff Rhys Jones undertakes a journey of discovery, revealing the stunning mountain landscape of Britain as he tackles some of the country’s highest peaks.

Along the way, he meets the real experts who live and work in the hills and mountains - from shepherds and rescue teams to botanists and geologists, who share an understanding and passion for the terrain.

Griff begins his journey in the formidable North West Highlands, where he discovers the majestic scenery of one of the most bleak and remote areas of Britain.

From there, he travels down to the Lake District, and realises why this area of raw natural beauty has inspired some of Britain’s greatest artists. Then it’s back up to the Central Highlands of Scotland, where he scales the country’s highest peak and tries his hand at dog-sledding with huskies in the Cairngorms.

After discovering the rich history of the mighty Pennines, he concludes his travels in Snowdonia, North Wales. Griff’s journey touches on some significant history; epic battles, long-lost communities, early rock climbs, tales of courage, excitement, injustice and passion.


Africa Day Special
On: Monday, 25 May 2009 from 06h00

BBC Knowledge celebrates Africa Day with programming selected for their Africans settings.

In the line-up throughout the day:

Sahara With Michael Palin

Michael Palin takes on one of the great challenges in world travel. Crossing the Sahara from the rock of Gibraltar to Morocco, Mauritania, Mali and beyond, Palin's route takes him across sand-seas, along rivers, through oases and over mountain ranges.

In a place characterised by ceaseless travel, from camel caravans to car rallies, Palin's love of people sees him chatting with townspeople and villagers from countries many people know little about.

As the journey unfolds, the Sahara reveals not the emptiness of endless sand dunes, but a diverse range of cultures and landscapes and a long history of civilisation, trade, commerce and conquest stretching from the ancient Egyptians to the oil-rich Islamic republics of today.

Beyond Boundaries: Africa Challenge

Beyond Boundaries follows a group of disabled adventurers on a 2,000 mile journey across continental Africa. Amidst the locations they travel through, the drama of this challenge unfolds as they overcome their physical limitations and prove to themselves that they can reach and shift the boundaries of human endurance.

Working together as a group to cross the two oldest deserts in the world, the team must avoid lions and rhinos, and ride the world's most dangerous rapids at Victoria Falls before reaching their destination on the Skeleton Coast.

African School

Set in two Ugandan schools, African Schools look at the challenges that face learners as they battle to balance the desire to learn with the serious issues that face them outside of school, such as HIV/AIDS and severe poverty.

The show reveals the great lengths the children will go to learn, and how precious their education is to them.

Race To Dakar

Race To Dakar follows the highs and lows of traveller Charley Boorman as he takes part in one of the most dangerous races on Earth. Riding thousands of kilometres from Lisbon in Portugal to Dakar in Senegal, Charley experiences challenging and inhospitable riding conditions as he pushes himself to the limits in the name of adventure.

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Reply from: Dimago Tuesday, May 12, 2009 15:17 PM
Who do you think you are is a great show!
Reply from: Tashi Thursday, May 14, 2009 01:29 AM
It is! So fascinating how rooted in so much everyone is type thing. Also crazy to wonder what one would find if you did the same thing. I'm looking forward the SA one too: Who Do You Think Are SA.

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