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  Backstage Teasers - January 2010
Coming up on Backstage in January 2010:

Friday 1 January 2010
Episode 259

Tendai asks Duke for more time to make his decision. Irene sees Duke kissing Nomonde. Shandu catches Charmaine teaching Dawn ballroom steps.

Monday 4 January 2010
Episode 260

No synopsis available.

Tuesday 5 January 2010
Episode 261

No synopsis available.

Wednesday 6 January 2010
Episode 262

Shandu has sussed Dawn out and is extremely angry, Tendai's application for the community radio comes through to Ipeleng who hijacks it. Tendai decides to stay at college.

Shandu takes his anger out on Charmaine and Vusi. Stephanie is also not happy with Nomonde's behaviour. Ipeleng tries to get more info out of Shandu. Tendai is angry about the radio station. Irene slaps Nomonde which ends up with a cat fight which Duke walks in on.

Thursday 7 January 2010
Episode 263

The guys break up the fight. Tendai goes to see Ipeleng about the radio pitch. Ipeleng tells Tendai that she is in control of the station so Tendai decides to quit college. Charmaine and Stephanie visit Ipeleng.Stephanie tells her mom she did it so that she could stay at college. Tendai tells Katlego he is quitting. Shandu will not forgive Dawn. Tendai goes to work for Duke. Shawn reckons that Shandu is in love with Dawn.

Friday 8 January 2010
Episode 264

Tendai gets an A for his assignment. Shawn tells Stephanie that he thinks Shandu is in love with Dawn. Much to Shandu's anger, Ipeleng decides to give Dawn the job as dance co-ordinator.

Tendai tells Duke about the picnic that Nomonde has planned. AK wants Katlego to go up to Jhb. Duke tells Nomonde that he is not sure about them. Nomonde is convinced that this is Irene's fault.

Charmaine teaches the ballroom class. Nomonde tells Ipeleng that Irene attacked her at Dukes.

Monday 11 January 2010
Episode 265

Charmaine questions Nomonde - what was she telling Ipeleng? Ipeleng confronts Irene. Stephanie is still annoyed with Shawn and Charmaine dancing together. Stephanie tells Dawn that she is not going back to ballroom lessons. Ipeleng offers Dawn the job.

Irene is pleased that Duke has broken up with Nomonde. Irene gets a D for her assignment. Irene and Tendai make their peace. AK sends Katlego an air ticket to Jhb.

Tuesday 12 January 2010
Episode 266

Irene tries to make Duke jealous with Tendai.. Nomonde is annoyed that Irene did not get into trouble with Ipeleng. Dawn and Shandu are still fighting. Katlego suggests that they get a guest lecturer so that she can go to Jhb. Stephanie overhears Charmaine asking Shawn to partner her in a ballroom competition.

Wednesday 13 January 2010
Episode 267

Tendai gets Loyiso as a guest lecturer for Katlego. Ipeleng is not impressed. Tendai still cannot convince Nomonde to DJ. Shawn's mother wants to meet Dawn. Ipeleng finally agrees to let Loyiso lecture, Irene is over the moon.

Dawn cannot find a replacement ballroom teacher. Tendai's gig is not coming together. Jason seems to be jealous of Tendai's relationship with Duke. Duke is angry that Tendai cannot get a DJ. Katlego leaves for Jhb.

Thursday 14 January 2010
Episode 268

Jason tells Duke that he should go and see Nomonde to sort things out. Nomonde plays it cool with Duke. Irene dresses up for Loyiso. The management job is getting Tendai down.

Shandu is still nit picking with Dawn. Mrs Jacobs arrives to see Dawn and takes over. Shandu arrives and Mrs Jacobs thinks that Shandu and Dawn are a couple.

Friday 15 January 2010
Episode 269

Dawn is annoyed at Shandu for appointing a dance instructor. Ipeleng invites Loyiso to supper.Loyiso agrees to do a solo gig for Tendai. Irene is excited about the dinner. Tendai is not doing well with the paperwork.

The tension between Irene and Nomonde is still thick. Shandu's abruptness is becoming too much for Dawn. Ipeleng goes to pitch for the radio station.Katlego arrives back from JHB and it is obvious she has been crying.

Tendai forgets to tell Duke about the dinner date with Nomonde and she is furious.

Monday 18 January 2010
Episode 270

Nomonde is angry with Tendai. Ipeleng also feels that Loyiso would be good for Irene. Shawn has still not told Stephanie about the ballroom dancing competition with Charmaine.

Duke also gives Tendai a hard time for not telling him about Nomonde. Nomonde will only forgive Tendai if he gets Loyiso to dedicate a song to her and Duke. Everybody wants slots on the radio station.

Hernandez takes over the ballroom lessons in a military fashion. Duke tells Nomonde he wants to be with her. Shandu goes to tell Dawn he is sorry about Hernandez's humiliation. He ends up kissing her.

Tuesday 19 January 2010
Episode 271

Dawn is confused about Shandu. Nomonde is satisfied with the way things are going with Duke. Stephanie confronts Shandu about the way he has been treating Dawn. Everybody wants Shawn to help with the demo tapes.

Dawn is still in emotional agony about what she should do. AK and Katlego make up. Duke buys Nomonde a gold necklace. Loyiso dedicate a song to Nomonde and Duke.

Wednesday 20 January 2010
Episode 272

Irene is angry that Loyiso left Duke's without her. Shawn is still in big demand. Loyiso tells Irene that Tendai is still in love with her. Something happened to Katlego in JHB. Shandu and Dawn share a romantic evening together. Loyiso and TK sing a duet together. Irene gets a rose from Loyiso.

Thursday 21 January 2010
Episode 273

Stephanie returns home whilst Shandu is there. He has to hide. AK pays Jason a surprise visit. It looks like Nomonde has found her man. Shandu is on a high. Katlego tells Shandu that she cannot put up with jealousy. AK cooks for Ipeleng, Katlego and the kids.

Stephanie finds out that Dawn did not go to visit her gran. Where is she? AK knows someone at ICASA 7 and offers to help Ipeleng with the radio licence. Duke offers to help Nomonde with her demo. Duke warns AK to keep his eyes off Nomonde.

Friday 22 January 2010
Episode 274

Stephanie wants to go home and Shawn is worried. He tries to call Shandu but his cell phone is off. He also tries the house number but Dawn and Shandu choose to ignore the ringing phone.

Stephanie walks in on Dawn and Shandu and she is not impressed. Irene and Vusi are still fighting. Ipeleng gets the radio licence. Duke throws a party to celebrate the radio licence. Shandu asks Dawn if he thinks they should break things off because of Stephanie.

Monday 25 January 2010
Episode 275

AK thinks that Bulldog has been betraying him and beats him up. Stephanie thinks that everybody is laughing at her because of her mom. Nomonde drops her demo tape off with Ipeleng. Shado suggests that Vusi and Irene join forces. AK and Katlego fight again and he hits her.

Tuesday 26 January 2010
Episode 276

Katlego lies to Vusi and Irene that she was mugged last night. Katlego tells AK that it is well and truly over. Hernandez is now running the ballroom lessons. Stephanie still will not talk to Dawn. AK buys Katlego a BMW as an apology. Jason seems to be smitten by Stephanie.

Wednesday 27 January 2010
Episode 277

Stephanie pours her heart out to Jason and Shawn sees them together. Tendai seems to being really nice to everyone. Dawn hesitantly decides to go to Belguim with Shandu. Dawn and Shandu break the news to Ipeleng about their departure. Ipeleng is not impressed.

Thursday 28 January 2010
Episode 278

Stephanie tells her mother that she never wants to see her again. There is tension between Jason and Shawn. Irene and Vusi are busy doing their demos. Shandu suggests that Charmaine should teach the dancers, Ipeleng thinks he is going mad. Shawn wants to give Shandu a farewell party.

Nomonde & Duke's relationship seems to be going extremely well. Ipeleng asks Charmaine to stand in for Shandu temporarily. Katlego tells Vusi he can use the car whenever he wants. Tendai and Irene are getting close again . Vusi is suspicious when AK knows nothing about the mugging and questions Katlego.

Friday 29 January 2010
Episode 279

Katlego tries to cover her tracks but Vusi is still suspicious. Shawn tells Shandu about the farewell do he is organising. Dawn tells Shandu that she can't abandon Stephanie. Stephanie performs her monologue in which she seems to accept her mother's decision.

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