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Lelo Boyana


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Full/Real Name: Nombulelo Boyana
Known As: Lelo Boyana
Gender: Female

Actor Biography

Lelo Boyana (also known as Brown Shuga to her Internet readers) is a South African celebrity blogger, columnist and television presenter best known for hosting the insert "TV With Lelo" on the SABC1 gossip show The Real Goboza, from 2007-2008.

She also appeared as a weekly guest on the radio show "Break-a-sly-fast Show" on Umhlobo Wenene Fm every Monday morning, discussing the latest celebrity gossip.

Early Life

Boyana was born and raised in Thabong, Welkom in the Free State and completed her schooling there.

She began working for a mining company right after completing her matric and while working for the company was trained in Human Resources while she studied part time.

She moved to Johannesburg in 2001 and is currently employed as a Human Resources Practitioner in an earth moving equipment company in the east of the city.

Boyana has four sisters and grew up in a musical family. She used to sing in church and was a member of a gospel group called Agappe Effects, which came second in the Shell Road To Fame finals in 1998.

She was keen on pursuing a music career but decided it wasn’t for her, "coz I don’t see myself booty hopping on anyone’s stage," she told TVSA. "I also woke up one day and realized that I don’t really have a great voice. It’s good but it’s not great and I want to be great!"

Boyana also tried her hand at being a beauty queen for a brief time when she was younger, winning a handful of titles in primary and high school.

Brown Shuga and Blogiwood

On 2 May 2006, TVSA was launched - South Africa's first television website that was not owned by a broadcaster.

Exactly one week later, on 9 May, a new user registered on the site called Brown Shuga (the online nickname used by Lelo Boyana). She spent about a month acclimatising to the site, posting a few replies to articles, until 13 June when she created her own blog called Big Brother Nigeria.

Shuga admitted in her first article that she was a BB Nigeria fan suffering withdrawal symptoms, as the show had ended the week before.

She started writing regular articles despite the fact that the show had ended, and soon found that there were thousands of other fans like her who needed a place to express their feelings about the show once it was over.

Ex-contestants on the show soon found her blog and she started interviewing them, in particular when the whole cast paid a visit to Johannesburg and she met with several of them.

Eventually interest in the show faded as the contestants shifted out of the limelight, but by then Shuga's fanatical BB community had dubbed her blog "Blogiwood".

Her last article in her BB Nigeria blog was posted on 24 August, and one week later - on 30 August - she started a brand new blog called Shuga's Blogiwood.

Many of her BB fans started drifting off, only to be replaced by a new readership of fanatical, hardcore fans.

Her third article in Blogiwood - a review of the 2006 MTV Video Music Awards - was read 60,000 times, and firmly put the new Blogiwood and its author on the map.

Since then Brown Shuga has blogged on TVSA almost daily, achieving record page views and replies along the way. She is well-loved for her gossipy take on local celebs and the music and television industries in particular.

She started a third blog - Shuga's G Spot - which is dedicated to the SABC1 soapie Generations, and it too has broken readership records. She started a "celebrity snapshots" blog called Shuga Snaps in 2007, which features pictures taken by her of South African celebrities.

Blogiwood has gone on to become a powerful entertainment medium in its own right. Of her own accord, and in whatever spare time she had, Shuga started interviewing some of the biggest players in South African entertainment for TVSA, from producers to directors to the very stars of the shows themselves.

Entertainment heavyweights she has interviewed include Lungile Radu, Thapelo Mokoena, Andile Ncube, Kabelo Mabalane, Siyabonga Ngwekazi, Nonhle Thema and DJ Sbu.

On Tuesday 5 June, 2007 Shuga broke the news of a new show coming to SABC1, called The Real Goboza. "Goboza" is the Zulu word for "gossip".

The show was described by producers Urban Brew as a "48-minute, late-night, live, celebrity, fashion, gossip, popular culture, social news, music, movies, talk and magazine experience".

Shuga was encouraged to audition to be a presenter on the show by Andile Ncube, the host of the music show One, whom Shuga had interviewed in February.

She auditioned and impressed producers enough to land her own insert on the show called "TV With Lelo", in which she discussed the latest TV gossip of shows airing on the SABC channels.

In 2008 City Press she wrote a weekly gossip column for City Pulse magazine entitled The Word from Ms Thang by Lelo Boyana and a Big Brother 3 column for City Press.

In November 2009 she played a guest role as herself on Society 2 and launched her own website www.justcurious.co.za on 25 November, 2009.

TVSA Blogs

Shuga's Blogiwood
Shuga's G-Spot
Shuga Snaps
Big Brother Nigeria

Lelo Boyana
Lelo interviewing Sizwe Dhlomo

Lelo Boyana
Lelo interviewing Andile Ncube

Lelo Boyana
Lelo interviewing DJ Sbu

Video gallery of each weeks "TV With Lelo" inserts: TV With Lelo.

Actor Trivia

Q&A with Lelo

May 29

Lelo, Brown Shuga

A bit of background on your TV career
Besides pretending like I know it all on TVSA.co.za? Nothing!!!

Pet Hate

Favourite food
How do vegetarians survive without meat???

Favourite form of relaxation
I relax when I have my laptop on my lap...

Favourite Tourism destination
Haven't travelled much but I enjoyed Vegas...by night!

Favourite hangout
Nothing beats HOME

Favourite TV programme
How does a TV addict choose ONE TV programme?? So Not Fair...

Favourite actress - Local
Vatiswa Ndara & Brenda Ngxoli, choosing one would be a sin!

Favourite actor - International
You said favourite not BEST actor so make that Wentworth Miller! I need to have my one on one with him before my next birthday....

Favourite music
Kwaito is my first love and then, Afro Pop, RnB and a li'l Hip Hop of course!

Favourite person
My gorgeous son

Best advice you received
Be Yourself

Worst advice you received
I don't know if it's worse but I refuse to believe what they said to me: "You will never find a one-woman man so deal with it!"

Your source of inspiration
My late dad...he had such high hopes for me and I still want to make him proud..kancane kancane Nxuba, ndingcambaza ndisiya!

How do you keep in shape?
I'm in shape?? Why, thank you!

Favourite drink
Anyone know the nearest CAA? (Coffee Addicts Anon)

How did you get into acting/presenting?
I interviewed Andile Ncube for TVSA once and when he found out about RGB (The Real Goboza), he thought it was my kinda stuff and hooked me up with an audition and the rest...will be revealed to you in good time...

The best thing about being an actor/presenter
I wouldn't know...

Favourite item of clothing
Anything that doesn't attract attention...

Three words to describe yourself
Bubbly, Kind, Smart

What qualities do you admire most in a person?

You'd never forgive a friend who...
...stole my man (if I had one, of course)

The person you SMS the most is...
...someone I met through my blog, she's now a dear friend...

The one thing that your life would be meaningless without
Technology, in all forms

What's the most extravagant thing that you've bought?
I am so not extravagant, it's painful! Am a cheapskate of note, ek se!

On what do you enjoy spending your money?
Anything that will bring a smile to my face or a loved one's face.

Do you cook well?
Now you know why I ain't about to get hitched soon...I must still learn...

Who had the most influence on you as a child?
I had a friend called Palesa, she taught me EVERYTHING, and I mean everything!!

What was the hardest lesson you've learnt?
People are not as nice and genuine as I would like to believe...

Most memorable experience
Discovering TVSA, my life hasn't been the same since!!!

Most embarrassing experience
Too many to mention...it happens a lot when you grow up having confidence issues like I had.

Message to the youth of South Africa
It's okay to dream big. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Mzansi Youth, niyaRocka!!!

Your dream future for South Africa
For the people of SA to see what I see in them. They are so beautiful!

Your personal dream for your own future
To have Patrice Motsepe beg me for a job!

Character Show
Journalist 1 Society - Season 2
Presenter - Herself The Real Goboza - Season 1
Presenter - Herself The Real Goboza - Season 2
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