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TVSA was devised and created by Blue Beetle Entertainment (formerly known as TashiTagg Entertainment) and went live on 2 May, 2006. - the first website created by Blue Beetle - built its reputation on the back of original television commentary and was the first South African website to commentate reality shows on a daily basis, and to offer a place for TV-lovers to discuss and write in-depth articles about shows on South African television.

TT's television content was republished on numerous reputable websites including, MSN, Mail & Guardian and News24.

With the introduction of blogging to in January 2006 the television content - which had previously been the major site drawcard - started getting lost in a deluge of brilliant, explosive pop culture blogging.

Thus the idea for TVSA was born.

All television-related content was moved from to TVSA, and the two websites operated completely independently of each other.

On Sunday 26 August 2007, was closed for good.


The purpose of this website is to provide South African television audiences with a "TV Companion" - a place where they can discuss, read about, be kept up to date on and relive their television viewing experience on a 24-7 basis.

South Africa's television channels all have their own websites but previously there was no central place for TV-lovers to gather and share their passion for the silver screen, in a total TV environment.

TVSA aims to keep the television experience alive long after the credits have run their course.

TVSA is also a tool for channels and broadcasters to make use of in order to remain dedicated to providing the best possible entertainment for South Africans.

TVSA Ratings

To this end we have developed the TVSA Ratings - a system developed by TVSA with the purpose of rating two crucial aspects of South African television (the ability to rate other aspects is planned for the near future):

- Shows
- Actors

1. Shows
Readers/viewers can rate any show currently airing in South Africa on a scale of 10 - 100, thereby giving channels crucial information about which shows are being enjoyed.

If a show has an average rating of 90 channels will know to acquire more of the same. If a show has an average rating of 20 it probably shouldn't be repeated. Ever.

2. Actors
Rating actors is a highly subjective thing, but as television-lovers we must insist on the best possible actors being employed to entertain us.


TVSA offers readers the opportunity to blog about any aspect of television they like. Some bloggers follow weekly reality shows and drama series, some cover the soapies, and any sort of TV blog is welcome on TVSA.

Reality Contestants

All viewpoints expressed by TVSA columnists on Reality TV are commentaries on contestants as characters in a TV show and don't necessarily reflect their real life personae.


The TVSA Forums provide further encouragement of reader opinions about all shows and aspects of TV, and are Moderated in order to keep conversation on-topic, relevant and healthy.


Most importantly TVSA is designed to entertain and inform TV-lovers.

The creators/owners of Blue Beetle Entertainment offer an extensive knowledge of the entertainment and online industries; a proven ability to entertain and grow an online audience over a long period of time; a genuine desire to enhance the television viewing experience of our readers; and a vicious passion for quality television.

This ... is TVSA. We hope you enjoy the show.


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1 Andile Ncube 8.6
65 votes
2 Lungile Radu 8.6
87 votes
3 Nambitha Mpumlwana 8.6
52 votes
4 Theodore Jantjies 8.6
33 votes
5 Connie Ferguson 8.5
216 votes


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