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The Gen Game

- Season 1 -
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Broadcaster: SABC1 
Show Genre: Game/Quiz Shows

Show Summary

The Gen Game is a game show with a difference - it focuses on the similarities and differences of inter-generational relationships, combining a game show format with a talk show element.

The games are specifically designed to emphasise the differences and likeness of the team members across the generation gap, and address or illuminate their problem areas as risky.

It pitches two teams, who are a generation apart, against each other. The teams play three challenging and exciting games, and the winning team has the chance to play the end-game and win great prizes or even a bonus super prize.

There are four games in all: three games in which both teams compete, and an end-game played by the winning team.

Game 1 - a team game.

Game 2 - an individual game.

Game 3 - a performance game.

Game 4 - the end-game; only the winning team takes part.

Each game consists of two contestants who are a generation apart, but who share a unique relationship - uncle and nephew, father and daughter, son and mother-in-law, neighbours or teacher and pupil. Their differences and similarities are highlighted throughout the show to create rivalry and bonding, between the team members and the opposition.

The audience engage with the contestants and respond emotionally to both their victories and loses.

The Gen Game is presented by Sydney Matlhaku (formerly of Studio Mix).

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Cast & Characters

Character Actor
Presenter - Himself Sydney Matlhaku
Voiceover Artist Thandeka Khwela

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