Missing: premiere time for Ashley Judd thriller
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The correct premiere time for Ashley Judd's new thriller Missing has gone ...  missing. As I mentioned in the preview, it's scheduled to start on Saturday, 7 April at 19h30 but the on-screen promos are giving a different time.

The promo cards say it premieres at 20h00 whereas schedules on the DStv website and the M-Net monthly highlights all give 19h30 as the correct time so it's a wild guess as to when it's actually starting.

I'm thinking it has to do with the fact that American Idol airs just before it and it's never clear how long it's going to be. AI starts at 18h00 and usually runs about two hours so 20h00 works on one hand yet on another the schedules say 19h30 so tuning in at 20h00 might be too late.

The only solution seems to be to check in from 19h30 and to trust that the PVR records it correctly if you're out.

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Reply from: Tashi Monday, April 02, 2012 14:58 PM
We've just heard confirmation that it's going to be on at 20h00 - it was scheduled to be on at 19h30 but changed to 20h00.

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