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  New On Discovery In March, 2010
A rundown of the new shows on Discovery Channel this month.

A reminder: the channel has moved to 121 on DStv, with Discovery World now on Channel 250.

Extreme Fishing 2
Premiered: Monday, 1 March 2010 at 21h00

British actor Robson Green returns, continuing in his search for the most mysterious and unusual fish on the planet.

A passionate fisherman, he attempts a variety of different fishing techniques and learns some new tricks along the way. He heads to the Fraser River in Vancouver in search of British Columbia's largest game fish - the sturgeon - and pushes his upper body strength to the limit when he attempts to catch a hefty halibut in the Gulf of Alaska.

My Shocking Story 5
Premiered: Thursday, 4 March 2010 at 21h00

My Shocking Story explores the lives of unique individuals around the world living with extraordinary abilities, physical conditions or extreme illnesses.

This season sees global phenomenon Dede Binaten - who has unusual, tree-like growths covering his body and face - meet with another man who has been found and is living with exactly the same condition.

Also featured is the story of Yao Defen, the world's tallest woman who's introduced to a leading expert in gigantism, and Zhang Juncai, who is believed to be the world’s tallest man.

Ross Kemp: Return To Afghanistan 2
Premiered: Sunday, 7 March 2010 at 23h00

Ross Kemp returns to Helmand province for the second time. Along with his award-winning documentary team, he joins the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders (5 Scots) to give insight into life on the front line.

He investigates how things have changed in the year since he was last in the war-torn region with the 1 Royal Anglian regiment.

Throughout his trip, Ross lives side by side with troops from 5 Scots, highlighting the challenging conditions they face. He shares in their often harrowing experiences, including being ambushed and coming under fire from the enemy.

The series highlights how the British and coalition forces are combating the changing tactics of the Taliban, and shows how the reconstruction of this war-torn country is progressing.

Breaking Point
Premiered: Wednesday, 10 March 2010 at 21h00

Everything has a breaking point as this show reveals when a team go on a mission to push a variety of objects to their absolute limit to find out how to make them stronger.

Led by a theoretical engineer and a hands-on mechanic, the safety features of items including an armoured limo, a bus and even a house are pushed to destruction.

This will identify exactly what combination of events, in what precise order, will achieve 'breaking point' – a scenario ending in catastrophic failure.

By highlighting an object’s flaws, the Breaking Point team demonstrate that sometimes it is only by exposing weaknesses that we can improve them.

Ross Kemp On Gangs 2
Premiered: Sunday, 14 March 2010 at 22h00

Ross Kemp infiltrates four more notorious gangs in a new season.

In Russia, Ross meets Moscow's Neo-Nazi gangs as he tries to discover who is behind a recent wave of hate crimes and racist attacks.

He also travels to South Africa to investigate the ferocious Numbers Gang, whose members are often found in overcrowded prisons. In one of his most dangerous missions yet, Ross is incarcerated in Pollsmoor High Security prison among murderers, rapists and armed robbers, so he can get up close to key gang members.

The series also sees him in El Salvador with the Mara Salvatruchaor MS13 gang, and in St Louis, Missouri, to examine Middle America's gang culture.

Wild Swimming Adventure
Premiered: Monday, 15 March 2010 at 20h00

A two-part series that features British actor Robson Green as he investigates the growing trend of outdoor swimming.

He embarks on a tour of Britain's water, and meets with a diverse range of wild swimmers to learn more about this unique hobby. He introduces viewers to a variety of places popular with these enthusiasts, including the beautiful Tinside Lido in Plymouth, England, and the epic Corryvreckan whirlpool in Scotland’s Inner Hebrides.

The series sees Robson undertaking many challenging wild swims, pushing his body to the limit and strengthening his passion for this increasingly popular pastime.

Ultimate Survival 4
Premiered: Monday, 15 March 2010 at 22h00

Following on from his adventures in the woods of Alabama, Bear Grylls heads to the Arctic Circle tackling frozen waterfalls, hunting wild reindeer, and battling against some of the coldest conditions on the planet.

He also travels to Vietnam and Texas, pushes his survival skills to the extreme, and takes on a new type of survival challenge in Warsaw for an urban survival special.

How Stuff's Made 4
Premiere date: Monday, 22 March 2010 at 19h30

This new season of How Stuff's Made continues to take an in-depth look at the manufacturing process of everyday products.

The series goes inside some of the most innovative factories to learn more about the stories of product design, production volume and efficiency.

The show also looks at how complex machinery has helped to solve the engineering puzzles faced by manual workers, and has helped to speed up the assembly procedure.

Twist The Throttle
Premiere date: Monday, 29 March 2010 at 20h00 (Takes over from Wild Swimming Adventure)

Twist the Throttle pays homage to the iconic motorcycle, incorporating footage from 57,900 kilometres of travel. Filmed in locations across the globe, including Kawasaki's Autopolis track in Japan, Italy's Futa Pass and California's Mojave Desert, the series features motorcycles from the world's major manufacturers.

The show ventures inside these high-tech laboratories to see where engineers conduct tests to produce the safest riding gear. It also reveals what it is like to ride these magnificent machines, and spotlights some of the best motorcycle roads and racetracks in the world.

Discovery Channel is on DStv Channel 121.

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